Future Surveyors

Historic and scenic Fort Travis was transformed into a classroom to train future surveyors. The grounds are perfect for students to practice the basics of surveying. Ten sophomore and junior students from Texas A&M Corpus Christi spent a week on Bolivar attending Surveying Field Camp 1. The instructor Sid Bouse, local resident and career surveyor, received special permission from the county to set up a “subdivision” on the grounds of Fort Travis, complete with “streets” and “lots”.

After intense classroom preparation, the students spent a couple of days measuring and calculating the boundaries of the plat. These students are on the path to eventually become Registered Professional Land Surveyors. Bolivar is a great location to practice and perfect their skills.


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2 Responses to “Future Surveyors”

  1. Sid Bouse says:

    Great group of students. Thanks to Galveston County and William Comeaux for the use of such a great site. Special thanks to High Tide Surveying for all their help.

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    The students are very lucky. They could not ask for a better instructor.

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