Take Me Out to The Ballgame

By Georgia Osten
It was a Baseball weekend in the Sunshine State this past weekend. We arrived in Tampa on Thursday morning. Everyone was still at work or at school, so we Uber’d to their house. The dogs were happy to see us and we were happy to be off the airplane and relaxing in familiar surroundings. The school part of the family had a half day, so when they arrived home, we went out to lunch at a little hole in the wall place named Chubby’s. How ironic, by the end of the weekend, that’s exactly how I felt! “Chubby-er.”

When Daddy got home, the boys all took off for the batting cages to practice for Dax’s upcoming game. The girls went to Publix to find some stuff for dinner. We decided on a Charcuterie meal without the Charcuterie board. And, of course, dessert selections for two different March Birthdays! Actually, the birthdays weren’t this weekend, but the celebration was. Oh well, let’s make the desserts and enjoy them now since we won’t be there for one birthday next weekend and the other shortly after mid-month.

Friday, Daddy had to go to work and the kids had the day off, so we planned a little road trip to Tarpon Springs. A lovely little scenic town famous for sponges and manatees. We didn’t see any manatees because they said the water is too warm right now. But, we did see plenty of sponges, a train station depot museum and lots of fun shops. We ate lunch at another quaint little hole in the wall, I can’t remember the name? Here again, all the boys had a late breakfast and us girls had salads or sandwiches.

Tarpon Springs is a next door neighbor to Crystal Beach. Yep, we found another Crystal Beach, it’s in Florida!

Friday night was our first ballgame of the weekend. The Yankees vs Tigers at the Yankees spring training field. It was huge! Spring Training games. Outdoors! Dinner there was hot dogs and beer of course! Then I had to top it off with a bag of salted peanuts. Michael got us the biggest cans of Coronas, must have been like a quart of beer each!

The Yankees lost to the Tigers something like 5 to 3. My favorite player, Aaron Judge, #99, played right field. No, he’s not my favorite player, I’m pretending. My goodness, that guy can hit though! Same place every time he was up to bat. I must mention, in Florida, there is no shortage of New Yorkers! I also must mention, I missed hearing The Stars at Night are Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas! Oh well, I sang it to myself on the way out of the stadium anyway.

Saturday, was a late lunch out at a fancy marina in Tampa. All seven of us at the Hulu Hut overlooking the marina. Pretty hoity toity if you ask me, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Then off to Dax’s game on Saturday night. Now, that was a tight game and we loved watching Dax, starting at second base, then moving over to first. Both boys are fantastic ball players.

We were supposed to watch Addyson’s Regatta. She’s been on the crew team since school started. Too bad the Regatta was cancelled, that’s okay, we’ll catch her next visit.

Our flight home was non-stop, piece of cake! Our Uber Daughter picked us up at Hobby and took us back to her house where we had left our car. Jumped in and home to Maezy by her dinner time.

Ah family! We live for the next visit, can’t wait!

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