Talk about “cabin fever!”

By Georgia Osten
Not to harp on these terrible times we’re going through, but I sure am glad to be back at work. I’ve been out in that weed infested thing we call a garden, we have 3 containers of Round Up in the garage, why is the spray so lazy on those things? I feel like unscrewing the top and just pouring it over the weeds. Where do all those sticky/spiney vines come from? And, once I’m knee deep in there, what in the world will I do if I see a snake? Geez!

I don’t often get to say this, but my house is spotless. I’ve cleaned all the bathrooms until they’re absolutely shining. I take that back, I have one shower, the walk-in one, maybe I’ll get to that today when I get home from work.

I should probably start another puzzle. You know what I have a terrible time staying away from? It’s Facebook! I read something today that turned my stomach. Shall I get into it, I keep asking myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the guts to say anything on FB, so I’ll just keep my comments to this little ditty I write every week.

Oh, I already got into it the other day on FB when I asked the “admin” to please delete all these comments about “is the beach open?” OMG, did that ever start WWIII. I mean, “sure the beach is open!” Geez, look at all the webcams people have set up all over this peninsula. Listen to all the talk about this restaurant and that restaurant delivering food, even cocktails!
The tourists will continue to come here, maybe not as many, but they will come!

Maybe we haven’t made it as comfortable as it usually is, restaurants are closed to inside dining. Churches are closed, but you can go online to see services. Schools are closed, but they’re still feeding our youth, just come pick it up. The Big Store is thriving, I even found toilet paper there the other day. I read that at a store in Houston, they were handing out toilet paper, one to a customer, while someone else guarded the toilet paper box to keep people from grabbing their own.

What’s become of the hoarding and selfishness? Why, just the other day, someone said The Big Store was out of dried beans? This on FB, of course. Someone answered, “it was me, I just like beans.” Well, cook ‘em up and share then!

Yes, we do have many retired folks here, who don’t depend on the tourists to get by. They have chosen to live here because they love the community, the peace and quiet (sometimes) of the beach. I’m awfully sorry if your tourist business is suffering, but keep in mind the health of those around you and heed the warnings.

Count your blessings, this too shall pass.


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