Thank You, Channel 13 and Eagles

By Linda Elissalde
Meteorologist Rachel Briers and cameraman Rudy Villarreal of Channel 13 News visited the Bolivar Peninsula in April. Mrs. Briers wanted to learn about the effects of Hurricane IKE. This became part of a Houston ABC report about flooding and premiered on May 25, 2019. Eagles members and others gathered at FOE 3719 to watch the report.

Several of Rachel’s interviewees appeared in the segment. Gulf Coast Market (The Big Store) owner Keith Zahar, Eagles Trustee L.B. Hunt, Eagles Treasurer Jim Denys, Stingaree owner Brad Vratis, Water Board Leader George Strong and resident Linda C. Elissalde shared memories of post IKE experiences.

“Big” Jim Denys provided statuettes to honor the best interviewee and best supporting interviewee. Qualifications for awards were: You had to have the longest and second longest interviews on the show. You had to be present at the viewing. No one was exactly sure who had the most moments, but George Strong was present and won The Best Interviewee accolade. Linda C. Elissalde had only a few seconds on the show, but received The Best Supporting Award. (Go figure!) Actually everybody involved deserved a statuette, so many folk had pictures made with it while standing in front of Jim’s hanging red carpet.

Eagles present at this event were supportive of all participants. Thank you, Channel 13 and Crystal Beach Eagles, for sponsoring a fun and informative event!


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  1. Jim Denys says:

    Great write up Linda, we sure enjoyed the watch party with all of our local stars!

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