Thank You EMS

The timing couldn’t be more appropriate to celebrate our amazing EMS on the peninsula. After a wild weekend in which our EMS worked around the clock in harsh circumstances, they certainly deserve some praise and appreciation. May 19-25 is the dedicated 45th Annual National EMS Week. Through National EMS Week, first established in 1974, attention is brought to our hardworking EMS practitioners to highlight and recognize their devotion to the health and safety of our community. This year’s theme is “Beyond The Call”. There are two dozen medics on the peninsula working for our Emergency Services District who work beyond the call day in and day out. Next time you see one of these dedicated heroes, say “Thanks!”

Phillip Kimbrow, EMS Supervisor with Emergency Services District #2

Crystal Beach Fire Chief Billy Shipp and ESD District Manager Doug Saunders discussing with Bolivar Live’s David Harris the extensive preparations that were made to cope with the huge crowds that descended on the peninsula during Jeep Weekend.


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  1. Sandra Moses says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you do. It is very much appreciated.

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