Thanks to Friends near and far

I wish I could write an individual thank you note to everyone who reached out to me during this time in my life. Groups and individuals have donated monies, food, flowers, visits, calls, and help in so many different ways. And, oh those prayers that have boosted my spirit during times of pain and worry. You have given generously whenever I needed it. My heart is filled with gratitude, and my cup overflows with blessings. To receive so much nourishes me with added strength for what lies ahead. God is good to me. He has given me many gifts. I will always be most grateful for His gift of friends, both near and far.

With love,
Janet Leigh Davis

[JLD: Jan-10-2023]

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  1. Cat Holotzclaw says:

    Happy birthday to a beautiful lady who makes God smile every day !!! Love you, Cat

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