That time Again!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
When you live in a small space, seasons make it a time for switching – In your closet. Not so much woolies but rain gear, long-sleeved T-shirt and you know the rest, long pants. Oh yes, forget the toe-sox for your flip flops, and one pair of regular sox for rain boots. The last few days, I have been working on my clothes, the love of my life said, “Whatever!!”.

I have started living by “His” Mother’s philosophy. If you have not worn it in six months get rid of it! So far it is working very well for Second Going. RR said “Whatever!!” So that means to me I am going to clean out his closet and T-shirt drawer … when he is not here. (Don’t tell him.) LOL.

For me it is very hard to get rid of some things that at one time I could fit into. Then there are the items I wore on vacation or a special occasion. Lord knows, these type of items have been in storage since we rented said place. Grandgirl, would not be proud of me to say the least.

RR keeps trying to remind me, “remember next week will be hot or at best warmer”. And darn it he is correct. So then I take out a few of those short sleeves T-shirt that are packed away. I can’t take out of the box for Second Going because I have already made one trip there this week. At best I am weak because if it don’t make that trip quickly I’ll dig through the bags.

So, who is the stronger in your family? Have you started missing items that you know you did not get rid of? As RR says, “Whatever”! We will get over it, maybe…

Have a great week and be kind to one another. Life is Short.


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