The 4th of July week has always been exciting

By Georgia Osten
Especially around my house. This is the week we get all the family and extended family to the beach. Relatives from as far away as North Carolina are here, the gang from Houston and their friends and children are expected. I get a bit concerned about where everyone will sleep, but I needn’t because my daughters are “on it!” They have it all figured out, and after all, I have my own haven so to speak, so I just need to chill. I plan to go to Galveston today to stock up on a few essentials, but I know I won’t need much once they get here. I just need to save room in the fridge for all the stuff they’ll bring with them.

I know we need the rain, I just wish it wasn’t up to 60% chance for the holidays. There’s always games to be played. Don’t forget to come out to the Washers Tournament this Saturday. We’ll be out there, playing our little hearts out.

Fireworks are always abundant. After you’ve lived here at the beach for so many years, you get pretty used to them. Of course, you need to watch out for your pets, they don’t typically care for the constant booming. There’s always a stray or two who’ve been spooked by the fireworks and run wildly to get away. Please guard your pets.

As for me, just give me a chair and a beverage on the beach and I’ll be happy. And, when I’ve had enough, I won’t have a problem falling asleep to the blasts, lulls me like a baby.

Be safe, and Happy 4th to you all!


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