The Absolutely BEST Christmas Pageant Ever!

By Linda Elissalde

It was around November
In the year Twenty-twenty
When Covid was strong
And problems were plenty.

Pastor Valerie worried.
There was lots to fear.
How could we celebrate safely
Christmas Eve this year?

She pondered and prayed.
Visited with members and crew.
How could we have a pageant?
What could we do?

Then came an answer
On how to begin.
Why not make this 24th
Be done as a Drive-In.

She contacted helpers.
Sid and Moody would engage
In finding the most perfect
Large outdoor stage.

Moody found a venue
That would serve as the best
For cars and parking –
A field used for Crab Fest.

How could people see
While sitting afar
Parked safely back in the back
Inside a parked car?

No need to worry.
There is certainly a way.
Just get some platforms
Built by Mr. J.R.Rea.

What about actors
To play every part
Like angels and shepherds?
They would need to be smart.

Then there is Joseph with Mary
His betrothed spouse
Who travel to Bethlehem
With no available house.

How can they travel?
No beast of burden here.
But there is Crystal Corral
Located quite near.

How could they practice?
The weather was rough.
And Doubting Thomases
Said, “ This is really too tough.”

The stage was in place,
Platforms standing tall
When the beach sky broke open.
Can’t rehearse in a squall.

Pastor never lost faith.
She came through in this lurch.
We will simply practice at
Fellowship Hall in our church.

December 24th came
With a clear, lovely sky.
Unfortunately, wind velocity
Was terribly high.

At 4:00 PM on the dot
An outside rehearsal did start.
Pastor read the narrative.
While actors mimed every part.

Where is a donkey?
Now here is what is cool.
Mary’s donkey was played
By Mae Mae, thespian mule.

Over one hundred twenty people
In sixty cars showed up
To be welcomed by Badons
Who gave bulletins and communion cup.

Then music started
Recorded by L.B. and Paulette.
Christmas Eve was just beginning
And wonderfully, you bet.

“There went out a degree.”
These words are no fluke.
The greatest story ever told
From the Bible Book of Luke.

As Pastor read on
All players played their parts.
Actors acted every moment
With full, loving hearts.

And Mae Mae the mule
Was the best donkey ever seen.
Melody as Mary
Rode like a Heavenly Queen.

Shepherds and angels
With lambs and with wings
Arrived on the platforms
While everyone sings.

Eve pageant ended.
Horns honked and flashed light
Taking place of applause
In approaching twilight.

More songs and communion
Made spirits climb up
At the blessing of bread
And drinking from the cup.

The finale came last with
“All is calm. All is bright.”
And all round were ways
Of creative sparkling light.

Then lined up the drivers.
They drove out of sight,
Shouting,“Merry Christmas to all.
To all a good night.”

And everyone agreed
As they left the field together.
“I do believe, This was

Dedicated To:
Pastor: Valerie Hudson
Greeters: Ty, Kelley Badon
Sound: Paulette Layfield
Music: Paulette Layfield, L.B. Hunt
Shepherds: Delano, Jordan, Sophia Comeaux
Gabriel: Robert Uhlenberg
Angels: Elaine Rollfing, Elinor Tinsley
Joseph and Mary: Doug, Melody romero
Donkey: Mae Mae the Mule (Thanks to Lisa and Crystal Corral.)
Set Builder: J.R. Rae
Parking Managers: Moody Fredenburg, Dennis Rollfing

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