The Best of Intentions

By Georgia Osten
I’ve been wondering if I should unsubscribe from Pinterest for a while. They’ve figured out what I like to see and now I’m bombarded with shrimp recipes and short haircuts. The thing is, I’ve run out of shrimp and my hair can’t get any shorter. They’ve also figured out I like carrot cake and coconut cake, my cookbook is getting so fat, I’m going to have to start another one. Maybe my new cookbook will contain nothing but cakes and shrimp recipes. I realize I should have a few more vegetable recipes, but why, when you can buy fresh broccoli or frozen brussels sprouts and canned beans.

I’m really glad we got a new freezer, it’s in the garage. Now, we can put all those strange things like ground deer venison, little frozen teal and hog sausage down there. That stuff will eventually get too old to eat, but at least I don’t have to look at it every time I open the freezer. The other day, I asked my husband to see if we had any fajita meat in the freezer. We did, but he cautioned me that maybe I didn’t ever have to buy any more Butterball turkey sausage, we had 7 of them.

I like to date stuff I put in the freezer for easy disposal when the time comes. The other day, I thought I should clean out the freezer, I didn’t really have my heart in it, so after finding some hamburger meat dated 8/10/17 and tossing it, that’s all I could do. You see, I was suffering from the flu and shingles. Don’t feel sorry for me, I brought it upon myself. While shopping at Kroger, I realized I hadn’t had my flu shot yet. I usually get it in September, have been for the past 25-30 years. My buddy at Conoco used to remind me in September and we’d go to the on-site clinic together.

After the pharmacist at Kroger gave me the flu shot in my left arm, I remembered the doctor said I should get the shingles vaccination, so I mentioned it to the pharmacist. She said, “oh I have some, I have to mix it, it’s two medicines.” When she was ready, I still had my left arm exposed and I was ready as well. She said, “oh no, it has to be in the other arm.”

Well, listen here. If I thought that flu shot hurt, the shingles nearly made me cry out loud. “You’ll feel some pain later tonight, but for sure tomorrow,” she said. PAIN, are you kidding, I had the dang disease!

She told me I had to come back in 3 months for the second dose of the shingles vaccine, Oh Brother! I’m thinking there should be a special treat offered to adults for enduring such pain. A lollipop? Or rather a shot of whiskey before!

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One Response to “The Best of Intentions”

  1. Jan says:

    That’s a really good article. I agree about Pinterest. I looked up a couple recipes for my new diet and now they’re sending me recipes every day.

    As for the shingles shot: I got it years ago after a friend got them and when I did get the shingles, they were 3 little spots on my waist. But boy did they hurt!

    Break out the whiskey!

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