The Bolivar Lighthouse

By Linda Elissalde
The Bolivar Lighthouse weathered the storms of 1900, 1915 and Hurricane Ike, 2008. It stands as a monument to the strength and courage of those who call the Bolivar Peninsula home. Now, replicas of our lighthouse are showing up all over the peninsula. Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPCF) leaders Margo Johnson and Marsha Fredenburg noticed symbols that represented different towns as they traveled around Texas. What better to represent our community than our iconic lighthouse? Concrete lighthouses come in 3 and 6-foot sizes. Some are glazed. Others are unfinished so that owners may create their own unique designs. Costs are $150 for small ones, and $275 for the larger versions.

Artistic lighthouse at Swedes Real Estate; Red and Yellow lighthouse at Brint Construction.

You can purchase statues by emailing the Cultural Foundation at [email protected] Order forms are available at the Chamber of Commerce Office, Bolivar Tourism and The Big Store. The good news is that you can purchase one, or more, at the BPCF booth during TEXAS CRAB FESTIVAL. Jane Long jewelry will also be available. Crab Fest has moved to an exciting new permanent venue at 1605 HWY 87. This glorious festival is held from May 10 – May 12, 2019.

Come and enjoy this 34th annual celebration of Music, Art and Crabs. Be sure to go by the BPCF booth and check out those lighthouses. Buy one or more. You can own a true representation of our wonderful, surviving, thriving Bolivar Peninsula – The Bolivar Lighthouse.


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