The First Few Weeks

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
In a matter of hours we have changed our lives in so many ways. They are all good ways. RR and I have been looking for at least 12 months for a place closer to our children and doctors. But that meant doing something about the situation and I’ll be honest that is not one of our strong points. One of the main items that helped us make this decision was “Double Bubba,” RR’s truck. The name came along because it has four tires in the back, hence the double and Bubba was the name of his beloved big old diesel. Anyway, that big thing will not fit in most parking garages, especially the six-floor clinic at UTMB, which is where we do most of our doctor visits. Enough said….

The spot we settled on is the first one we looked at over a year ago, go figure. That which has made me the absolute happiest, is we are only 11.3 miles from my favorite place to eat. Plus, we are only 15 miles from one daughter and 20 miles from the other daughter. This has proved so nice. Both have come to see us often. This is so wonderful for both of us.

Back to the title, who knew I had so much stuff outside our home, we had just so many feet between trailers and, apparently, I made use of every inch. I had so much on the wooden fence, from water hose holder to “art”, where there was a board there were many nails for my stuff. It has taken three trips back to the park to pick up stuff and then to unload when we got back to the new home. Now I may only say this one time so write it down, I may be getting too old for this! Just sayin…

We were able to move RR’s Tool Box (trailer) on the same cement slab our home is on, so he is able to step down the house steps and ten steps later he is in his own lil’ world. He is most happy, especially with the fact that I do not spend much time in there.

Yesterday was our last time to pick up stuff on the space we spent three years enjoying. This morning there are very few muscles or anything else on my body that does not hurt. Somehow, today, I do need to put a few things in a place. Notice, I did not say proper place. This may be harder than I want to tackle, but someone needs to do it. This morning, just picking up the coffee pot took effort, the bed may be made tomorrow but not today. A nice hot shower is in my future – at least once today, or maybe twice.

Y’all have a great week. They keep saying cool weather is coming, I’m not holding my breath.

Sweet Dreams Momma Kitty, I’ll bring more treats next time.


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