The Littles

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
The perfect weekend! The Littles made their Dad bring them to the beach. Mommy was on a “trip” with the girls, so they made it down to the beach after their Saturday Soccer Game. Oh, what a treat for The Grands! Then, as an extra bonus, Uncle B arrived. Uncle B (Brandon) is our other “son,” friends with Matthew since their college days.

Pierce told PawPaw he wanted to go crabbing. I guess he’s heard about our crabbing expeditions from his cousins, Michael & Dax, our Veteran Crabbers. We called Miss Gerry and she graciously offered the use of her house and piers on the intracoastal, along with a fully stocked freezer of popsicles. What more could 3 little guys, plus two grownups, a Grandma and a PawPaw need??

Actually, I was busy making cupcakes, so I was a late arriver. By the way, Pierce said, “Grandma, if we have cupcakes, does that mean we won’t get Jello?” I told them by all means, we would indeed have Jello, too. Red Jello is one of those necessary things for Grandma to make for The Littles.

By the time I got over to Gerry’s, they had already caught 2 crabs. Pierce asked his Dad later, “is this the only way to catch crabs?” I guess he was thinking the string, net, and chicken necks couldn’t be the most efficient way to catch crabs. I guess he’ll realize later on in life that it’s the most fun way. Something about slowly bringing in the string and then successfully netting the little critters can be quite a thrill.

When they got back home, I think I was peeling potatoes for cheesy potatoes, one of our son’s favorite side dishes. PawPaw cleaned the crabs and the big boys grabbed chairs on the deck and some beers while The Littles snacked and snacked.

I mentioned they might like to take a swim, thought it sounded like something fun to do. The beach was crazy with cruisers, etc., safest thing to do right at home.

Only thing, the 4 year olds aren’t tall enough to touch the bottom, thank goodness they’ve been practicing all summer and they’re ALL great swimmers.

After dinner, no baths necessary when you’ve been swimming (I like that rule). The two adults decided to go to the Wheel, their favorite nostalgic hangout!

Sunday morning and of course that meant a trip to Dannay’s! Oh, what a treat! We love you Littles and can’t wait ’til you come back to see us!


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