The Second Act

By Crystal Beach Gossip Columnist Heada Cobbler
I assumed that the fabuleuese Off Broadway production,” Linda C Elissalde’s 80th Birthday,” had ended last week. However, would you believe it? I, Heada Cobbler, was misinformed. That blue-eyed Dr. Marcel Elissalde escorted Linda to a second act that opened to rave reviews on Sunday, March 21st at 2:00 PM. Held again at Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallaces’ outdoor swanky front driveway, nothing was left to chance. I cancelled my flight back home.

Both Wallaces provided decorative settings, safe distance sitting and movie delicacies. The second act begin with the arrival of planners, fans and performer. Beloved Rita Moseley advertised the event and delivered her famous, delicieuse Coconut Deluxe Pie. Elinor (Nonie) Tinsley and Pat Tinsley escorted artistic granddaughter Naomi Warren. Photographer Elinor is well known for her film proclivities, aerobic exercise leadership and cooking expertise. Her pralines are in constant demand. She and Pat stay involved in multiple charity organizations. Nine year old Naomi follows in their footsteps creating her own artistic style.

Fans Mary Raney, Betty Williamson, and Laura Bryan took time out from their various social demands to support the venue. Well known realtor Mary Ellen Smith drove over in her exquisite golf cart. (This cart won first place in the 2020 Mardi Gras Parade.) Esther Sarabia and Gary Huebel delighted by driving in to extend their congratulations to Linda. Roadies Elinor and Rita were joined by gifted Elaine Rollfing to set the stage for Paulette Layfield’s seminal performance in her original musical THE SOUND OF LINDA. (

Grandmistress of the piano Paulette Layfield taught music in the US and Europe. She is now pianist for Bay Vue United Methodist Church. Paulette created a new libretto set to the chorus of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Vignettes included references to Linda C Elissalde’s life. All were greeted with laughs and applause. Her finale of “Climb Every Sand Dune” resulted in pandemonium. She had to repeat her show two more times because of patrons’ demands. This grand coda eventually came to an end. Everyone congratulated Mrs. Layfield on her fantastic one woman show. It is hoped that she will continue to create more lyrics to be presented in the future on Crystal Beach, Texas.

I have enjoyed my two weeks as a guest columnist on the Bolivar Peninsula. So enchante, but I must return to my little old 10 acre swank-a-dena, Heada’s Heaven, in Hollywood, CA.

Merci pour les souvenirs. Au revoir. H. C.

(Author’s Note: Many years ago there were 2 Hollywood columnists who wrote about famous stars. One was Louella Parsons and the other was Hedda Hopper. They were rivals, and used sort of smarmy language. I have written a satirical article by Heada Cobbler, in the style of a gossip columnist. – Linda Elissalde)


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  1. A fabulous time was had by all. Beautiful weather, fun friends and the best-ever birthday girl!

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