The Sold Out Fish Fry

By Linda Elissalde
The 5th Annual Bay Vue United Methodist Church Fish Fry was a SOLD OUT SUCCESS! All of those yummy fried catfish were gone before closing time. Bay Vue’s annual Fish Fry has grown through the years. Perhaps the greatest accolade is that people return year after year to this Saturday before Father’s Day event. Although advertised as being from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 1:30 pm arrived with only 2 orders left. They were marked for Paulette Layfield who had bought tickets earlier, and called to say she would be a little late. A very nice couple drove up just as the sold out sign appeared on Highway 87. These nice folk congratulated us on such a good turn out and handed over a generous donation. (I am so sorry that I didn’t ask their names, or give them free desserts, but hope they felt our sincere gratitude.)

The Fish Fry Fryers

The Ladies waiting to start their jobs

Tom Kruft, mixture producer, and his fine fellow fish fryers Moody Fredenburg, Charles Moseley, Dennis Rollfing, Steve Wright, and Gary Huebel sent in the first batch for test tasting. All volunteers rushed to the kitchen to have a hands on experience and declared that these were the best fried catfish ever! The ladies in the kitchen expertly dished up fish, hush puppies, potato salad, and cole slaw for dining inside or drive through take out. Those who chose to eat in Fellowship Hall were able to enjoy delicious homemade tartar sauce made with Cat Holtclaw’s recipe. Outside workers quickly took, and delivered, outside orders. A dump truck even drove through to order take out. The ladies boxed up and had orders sacked up and ready to go. Dessert choices were peach or cherry cobbler. Inside workers kept tables clean, glasses full and condiments at the ready. Lovely Condiments Lady Edith Smith added her wonderful presence to this yearly event.

Tired, but happy, participants cleaned and put away supplies after the event. Moody Fredenburg, Charles Moseley and Dennis Rollfing cleaned the cooking equipment. Everyone felt grateful to all who chose to dine at Bay Vue UMC. It was just like a successful Broadway Show – THE SOLD OUT FISH FRY!


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2 Responses to “The Sold Out Fish Fry”

  1. Linda C Elissalde says:

    Thanks to all the people who contributed to Bay Vue United Methodist Church’s Sold Out Fish Fry! It is due to folk who chose to “dine in or take out” that netted nearly $4000.00 this year. The moneys will be used in various ways to reach out and help our community, country and world.

    With gratitude,
    Linda C. Elissalde

  2. Brenda B. Smith says:

    Compliments to everyone but especially to Tom Kruft, mixture producer. We LOVE his coating! Next time will make sure get some of that homemade tartar sauce. Doesn’t Edith look like an absolute doll?

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