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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
OK, so this week we concentrated on the problems with the TV. Well sorta. First RR called Direct TV trouble shooting department and chatted with a very nice lady named Victoria. She had him do this and then that and then none of this/that worked. So they tried something else, nope. We need a service call and maybe new stuff. You can certainly see how technical I am about this TV stuff, right!

Then RR asked her about an upgrade to a genie something and they chatted about all of that. They decided we need this type of service call instead of the above call. Time and date was set up and when the call ended we had our channels back, yea! Who knows how long that will last but now we know how to make the machine talk to the dish. Ya got all that?

All day Sunday at work, RR’s phone was going off from Direct TV. He could not get to it fast enough to answer, even when he did not have guests in front of him. So I took the number and called on my lunch time, 25 minutes of holding and still no answer by a human. A computer voice telling me about the wonders of their services.

We were set up for Tuesday of this past week, you know the drill, 8-12. So Sunday RR thought about all the possibilities and decided that our dish would not work with the genie as it is for RV and not a home. So Monday morning early we called to cancel the service call for new installation. Person on the phone was very friendly and canceled our service call and said there would be no problem and thanks for our service.

Since that call we have received about 10 calls from their computer trying to reschedule an appointment. There comes a point where you want to scream at the computer call, and that was this morning about 8am. You see, RR’s phone rang and he was still asleep. By the time I got out of my chair, up the stairs to answer, he is screaming at the phone NO NO! I take the phone from him and listen; of course it is a computer call and you need to punch 1 or 2 on the keyboard.

I left the room and closed the door and started his coffee.

Have a good week.


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