The Youth Giving Back to the Community that Gives to the Youth!

By Steve Arthur
The youth from The Remnant Student Fellowship have been very busy this year. From Christian conferences, concerts, celebrating birthdays at Elise’s Family Fun Center to going to the Houston Zoo Lights with family. And we can’t forget about Hot Hearts and Youth Camp at 360 in Palacios, Texas. But the most rewarding of all of these events are when the youth give to others on mission trips to Arlington, Texas, and especially to the people in their own community who invest in them!

From the left back row: Rachael, Lacye, Mary, Hailey, Donovan, Joya, Ben, Henry, Zack, Chloe, Charlotte, Lukas, Mariana. From the left front row: Ethan, Tyler, Destanie, Mason, Serinity, Madison. Not in photo: Colton and Devon.

The youth wants to give a special thanks for those of you in the community for believing in them by supporting them and giving of yourselves at the student fundraisers. This would include the Crabfest, the Thanksgiving pie bake sale, and other small fundraisers. Because of you, they are able to not only go to fun events, but they are able to give of themselves to others on mission trips as well as those here on the peninsula! What I mean is they were able to adopt a family for Christmas this year by purchasing gifts and wrapping them for the Ramirez family who had one of the most amazing Christmas!

The Ramirez family had a special Christmas this year thanks to the Remnant Student Fellowship youths.

Again, The Remnant Student Fellowship would like to thank everyone who participated in whatever capacity to help these kids grow in many ways!


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