There’s No Place Like The BIG STORE

By Linda Elissalde
“There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays,” may be true, but THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE THE BIG STORE for CHRISTMAS! Gulf Coast Market once again thrilled children and adults with a special visit to Santa Claus’s home. Elves abounded everywhere. Elf Patty Stockton welcomed guests as they entered through the front doors.

Elves Shelley Harris, Darla Williams, Kathy Dodds, Barbara Perkins and Dee directed folk to Santa’s house. Santa Claus (aka Michael Stark) discovered each guest’s Christmas wish for 2019.

Santa and friends posed for a photo by talented photographer Danny Norrid. (Pictures will be displayed on Facebook.) Jo Della Netterville once again showed off her query, “What The Elf?” whenever she bent over to retrieve a sack full of presents for a child. Recipients were then directed to Cookie Man Larry Netterville for yummy sweets.

Christmas music permeated throughout the store. All workers were clad in festive gear which added to the joyous atmosphere. Smiles decorated delighted youngsters and oldsters’ faces as they excited. It proves again, “THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE THE BIG STORE for CHRISTMAS!


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