This Is My Opinion On The Oil Spill

By David Harris,
OK, here is the low down and my look at the spill on East Galveston Bay and for me fishing East Galveston Bay. I was all over Bolivar Peninsula today from the beach to French Town Rd etc. I didn’t see any oil or birds with oil on them. When the accident occurred at around 12:30 Saturday, we had just finished an incoming tide and had a east wind. With that said, we had started a strong out going tide with the wind and the tide it drew the oil away from Bolivar Peninsula and East Galveston Bay. Yes for once the front that came in Sunday morning helped us and saved us a lot of grief down the road.

The Texas City Dike, Pelican Island and Galveston Harbor and the South Jetties yes they did get the brunt from what I see and am hearing but not the whole Galveston Bay System. With this said if you want to fish I haven’t heard anything about Trinity Bay, East Bay or West Bay. We can still fish and yes I will eat the fish, I will also take note on my surroundings over the next couple weeks and have my eye’s open to any changes. Our trips will continue and be safe trips as always. As for now the Bolivar Ferry is running from 7am to 7pm but I will let you know when it goes back to regular schedule.

As for wildlife, I heard 7 birds had been found dead, 8 with oil on them and recovered and about 7 that have been spotted with oil on them but not recovered yet. It would be safe to say that along the Texas coast on any given day 7-14 birds get hit by a car, but it doesn’t make the news.

What has happened to the Galveston area is not good and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone or environment, but the whole bay hasn’t been shut down. They will have the damaged area cleaned up the best that can done and the bay will live on.
This is my opinion and thoughts after I can’t count how many calls and emails today. Everyone be safe on the water and enjoy fishing the Galveston Bay Complex.

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