Those Awesome Girls from Austin

By Linda Elissalde
If our beach seemed a brighter and happier place this weekend, it could because of the arrival of those Anderson girls from Austin, Texas. Ten year old Harper and nine year old Addie added a lot of joy to Bolivar Peninsula while visiting Grandma Sherry Morgan and Uncle Bob Morgan. I had the pleasure of meeting Harper and Addie at THE BIG STORE. When introduced, they immediately hugged me as if I were a long time acquaintance. The girls are not only lovely, but also quite smart. (We old retired school teachers notice such things.)

My next encounter occurred at Bay Vue UMC Sunday morning. The two welcomed all comers, handed them bulletins, lit the church candles and passed out sign-in booklets. They sang all the hymns and listened carefully to Pastor Valerie Hudson’s sermon. Then, both helped clean up Fellowship Hall after morning snacks. What a pleasure to watch them as they cheerfully danced around cleaning dishes and wiping tables. Grandma Sherry, Uncle Bob and many of us look forward to another visit from Harper and Addie Anderson – THOSE AWESOME GIRLS FROM AUSTIN!


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