Three Farewells in One Week

By Linda Elissalde
We celebrated the 46th anniversary of Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallace on August 10, 2021 at 6:00 PM. We joined up with them via our golf carts on the beach halfway between LaFitte’s Landing and Cobb’s Cove. What a delightful setting! Tourists had left. No one was zooming up and down the sand in cart, car, jeep, truck or other gizmos that I do not recognize. There were no flags with obscene pictures, no rude four letter verbs, and no historical slogans paired with incorrect flags. A gentle breeze blew across our little gathering. We dined on cheese dip, chips, cold watermelon and iced tea. Melanie brought some delicious Antoine sandwiches from HEB in Beaumont. I have not enjoyed one of those in over 30 years. No special gifts are designated for a 46th anniversary. Suggestions included daffodils and poetry.

Happy Anniversary to Melanie and Mack Wallace

There are no daffodils now, but the Wallaces will receive some seeds in November. Poetry by William Wordsworth and homemade rhymes made up the rest of the gift. The Wallaces left next morning on a trip. We will see them when they return in two weeks.

Another good-by was to Dr. Macon and Judy Ware. They have been a delightful part of Crystal Beach life for 30 years. Now the Wares are moving to a new home in the Hill Country – Hunt, Texas. The Wares hosted a magnificent soiree in front of their beach house and invited family and friends to come. TRAVELING TIKI provided a wonderful party. This was a truly fun event, though no one wants the Wares to leave. We will be glad to see them when they come back to visit at the beach. Maybe a road trip to see them will occur.

Judy and Macon’s Farewell Party

We bid a different farewell to Rosemary Tolar Asta August 13, 2021. This beautiful lady passed away on August 8 in Houston, Texas. It was fitting that such a lovely person’s funeral be held in Beaumont’s magnificent St. Anthony Basilica. Rosemary began her career in international shopping and freight forwarding in Beaumont in 1965. She was well known and respected in her industry, owning two companies serving the freight forwarding and ocean transportation industries. She was a member of many organizations, and enthusiastically played Mahjong with her “Mahjong Girls” on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Rosemary Tolar Asta

Anthony and Rosemary Asta shared thirty-six years of joy. They especially loved time spent with their combined families. We are grateful for the moments that we shared with such a charming family. Good food, good friends and a lot of laughter made for a grand time. We will miss her delightful smile and sense of humor.

Friends and family at reception after Rosemary Tolar Asta’s funeral

Rosemary believed in this quotation from Mother Teresa. “Never let anything so fill you with sorrow that you forget the joy of the resurrection.”

So, farewell for now, dear friends. We plan to see you all again.


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2 Responses to “Three Farewells in One Week”

  1. Linda C Elissalde says:

    Dear Debbie,
    I am glad that the stories made you happy. We may meet up someday on the beach. I live in Cobb’s Cove, just a few subdivisions east of Shady Lane. I grew up in Beaumont and also have many happy memories of days spent on our peninsula.

  2. Debbie Etheridge says:

    Thank you Linda Elissalde for these three beautiful stories of beautiful people. It warmed my heart to hear about them. Life is so busy that it is nice to stop and reflect. My husband and i live in Bridge City, but we have had a cabin on Shady Lane since 2005. Before that, we rented the cabin from friends we went to church with.Being only an hour away, we came to the beach since i was a little girl. Its a special place to slow down and reflect special times with family and friends. Again, thank you for these stories that help so many to feel like they are a part of the community… Sincerely… Debbie Etheridge

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