Time Marches On!

By Georgia Osten
I cannot believe we’re already at the end of January. Christmas and New Years is a vague memory. I ordered a Don’t Mess With Texas calendar last week. I was surprised it came the very next day. It’s the perfect size for my refrigerator. I’m a calendar fanatic, I love to have them in every room. Kind of like clocks.

The beginning of each year brings on the challenge of keeping up with all the birthdays in my family. There’s hardly a lull throughout the year. The first birthday of the year hits almost immediately. January 8th, is my oldest grandson’s birthday. Easy enough, money! He’s in college, just turned 20, what else does a young man need?

We have two or three in February, and the list goes on.

Anyway, I had to grab a calendar from a few years ago so I could transpose all the birthdays to my new refrigerator calendar. And the anniversaries. Yes, I keep some of my very special calendars from years gone by. Don’t ask…

Speaking of birthdays, we have a couple of special ones in March. We have a Granddaughter who will become a teenager, 13, and her Mom will hit the “40” mark. Those are two very significant timelines. The major challenge for us is that these two are in another country. We won’t be able to be there physically, but we’ll be there in spirit.


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