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Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
I am writing the column you are reading on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, from a nice home in Georgetown, Texas, where two of my three children are gathered, along with their families. My son and his family are in Georgia, visiting with my daughter in law’s family. I have made it a habit in recent Thanksgiving pasts to write about some things I am grateful for during these busy seasons.

Already, with Black Friday fast approaching, young mothers and wives are in near panic mode, some spurred on by their husbands and friends, about the long gift lists and what they will buy and wrap brightly for each person. Others are fraught with worry about the lack of money to pay for these gifts.

Children are demanding bigger and better gifts than their friends will receive and husbands and wives and grandparents will argue and grow weary concerning the pressure we, as a society, have created and made the new norm in America.

There is little room left for simplicity and gratefulness amidst this growing hassle and twisted emotions. What kind of precedent are we setting for young folks? How far can oneupmanship be carried? When will enough truly be enough?

One thing I have vowed to do and to encourage my family to do is to keep a spirit or attitude of gratitude during this Christmas season. Hearts filled with thankfulness have little room for gripping, complaining, demanding, or ugliness.

Each day in December, I am going to physically list things I am grateful for to be more aware. Perhaps on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, if you will join me, we can share some of our lists with family members and friends.
I am grateful I live in America.

I am grateful for new friends I have made.

I am blessed to have the long time friends I have, some since elementary school.

I am happy I love to cook and know how to put a good meal together.

I am glad I know how to make real cornbread dressing.

I am grateful for books and for the love of reading.

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