To Edith and Trish Smith

By Linda Elissalde

It is never fun to say good-bye,
And if we had one wish,
We would pick out our favorite star to beg,
Stay here dear Edith and dear Trish.

For all these years you have added joy.
Now we are going to grieve.
You are moving away from us.
And we do not want you to leave.

Batches of Smiths have graced
The sands on Crystal Beach Shore.
We had hoped that you would stay
For many years and more.

Edith can still dance the night away.
At ninety-six, she is our glamour queen.
Always happy. Always bright.
The fairest to be seen.

Lovely Trish adds her many talents.
She helps out everywhere,
And when it comes to acting
There is no-one to compare.

For 57 years and more
Smiths have added pleasure to the beach.
Since Trish and Edith came to stay
That pleasure has been within our reach.

Now coastal storms come more often.
We board up to leave mean hurricanes.
It is also hard to start running from
These cold and freezing rains.

So Trish and Edith decide that it
Was their time to go
Back home to Oklahoma.
(Land of Dust Storms and of Snow!)

Friends from round the peninsula
Lined up to send you on your way,
But while we gave smiling congratulations
We really wanted you to stay.

Here a hug. There a wave.
Requests to stay in touch,
Because we are going to miss you so,
And we love you so very much.

Do not forget, dear Edith and dear Trish,
As away from us you roam,
No matter where you travel,
You can always come back home.

On moonlit nights when we look up,
We will pick out that favorite star,
And know that you two will be sharing it
No matter how far away you are.

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are,
you will always be in my heart.” Mahatma Gandhi

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One Response to “To Edith and Trish Smith”

  1. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    Okay, now the tears are flowing. Not in sadness,know Edith & Trish needed to move and it’s a good thing for them. But for how wonderful folks at the beach are and have been and this beautiful send off and this great poem and, oh, gotta go get a kleenex!

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