To Kill A Mockingbird

By Georgia Osten
Don’t get me wrong, I won’t go mowing down bluebonnets, or picking them for that matter, after all, I’m proud to be a Texan. But!!!, the next Mockingbird that dive bombs me and pecks me on the top of my head is going to meet his maker. Not to mention poor Maezy. Poor dog can’t even leave the house (front or back door) to go do her business.

Today, I literally smuggled her out of the house, with a broom in my hand, to fight off the Mockingbirds to get her into the golf cart so we could go down to the beach, away from those evil bird parents.

My SIL, that’s Sister-in-Law, told me it’s only 12 days from something, to fledgling. Well, guess what, I think today was fledgling, which I think means “they’re ready to fly the coup.” As we’ve noticed for many years, when they “fly the coup,” they fall/fly out of the nest and literally fall to the ground, go figure? Then, they always head west and hop across the street over into Driftwood. If it’s a weekend, guess what? They get smushed, oops, I’m sorry. Anyway, the Mom gets rather frantic, she can’t lift the little tyke, what can she do? Anyway, I guess all our babies, if they survive the traffic, go over into Driftwood, “You’re welcome.”

Why do we have this aerie problem at our house? Probably, it’s our own fault. We went to the Audubon place in High Island several years ago and got a few oaks, and other stuff, because after Ike, we were encouraged to provide trees for nests, and all that jazz. Well, only one oak survived at our house, and it’s pretty big now. I’m sure the evil birds love to build their nests in there, not to mention the jasmine out front. Personally, if I were a bird, the jasmine would be my pick. The smell is heavenly.

Bottom line, I DIDN’T Kill A Mockingbird, I did swat at it with a broom, but they’re way too quick for me. I thought about a crab net … ONLY KIDDING!


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One Response to “To Kill A Mockingbird”

  1. Linda CE says:

    Dear Georgia,

    You and the Elissaldes are on the same page when it comes to Mockingbirds. We have used every trick of the trade to keep them away from our tomatoes. Nothing has ever worked. I told Marcel that there are many things you can shoot, but you better not shoot the Texas State Bird.

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