Too many prayers?

By Georgia Osten
Okay, next time we need rain, let’s pair off and agree it’s only going to be one of you praying for rain. I think, impossible as it may seem, we had too many prayers. I mean, one day the slough was so dry, we could have ridden horse back through it, and the next day it was 8 inches over the road. I saw a turtle trying to make it back to the other side of the road. I guess he got displaced in the deluge.

Maybe we should start praying for the mosquito plane to come over? Now that’s something to pray about! Just walking from work to the car, I’ll have four on one arm and three on the other. Then, when I open the door, 3 or 4 rush into the car. You’d think they’re trying to get away from one another. I’m swatting at them the whole way home, and if I open the windows to blow them out, another six rush in.

The hummingbirds finally made their appearance, a month late, if you ask me. I have the normal three, maybe they’re the same ones? I have two feeders, one on either side of the deck. One female will guard the one on the left and a male and female will fight over the one on the right. Don’t they know there’s plenty of food for all and more where that came from? All I know is that I love to watch them. I love it when they come around.

This time of year, I begin thinking of the white pelicans joining us soon. It’s a pattern, it’s the change of seasons, summer is only a memory now, and before you know it, the holidays will be upon us.

I haven’t seen my Christmas tree in over 3 years, this is my year and I can’t wait!

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  1. Jan says:

    Wow! Tons of rain and I hope no one suffered any damage. Too much just like this time last year’s Hurricane Harvey. Heading back first of October so I hope we are all dried up!

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