Triumvirate Celebration

By Linda Elissalde

Birthday for M.E. Smith. Visit from Raquel,
And Mack from Seoul is back.
Doing something for this threesome
Needs to take a very clever tack.

How can one create a special,
Grand, marvelous, safe occasion
To provide a social distancing,

M and M Wallaces seem to make
Everything an easy, delightful treat.
The masked twosome greeted their gathering
With a welcoming, “Bon Appétit.”

The setting was so bijou
With little tables spread around.
Mack doubled as serveur.
The handsomest garçons to be found.

Chef Melanie cooked up a
French menu that was scrumptiously divine.
L’entrees of cheeses with little breads
Served with glasses of fine wine.

Boeuf Bourguignon, mashed potatoes.
Le plat principal, Julia Child would be proud.
All lauded loudly by the guests
A raucous, though separated crowd.

Eating more should cause anyone to
Groan with terrible, tummy aches.
But participants consumed dishes of ice cream,
Homemade Sunflower cakes.

Now came time for birthday gifts.
Presents are so much fun.
Guess what made it even better?
There were gifts for everyone.

The big orange moon came up.
Twinkling stars spread across the sky.
Although nobody wanted to leave
It was time to bid good-bye.

Some drove off in cars.
Others went home via a golf cart.
Carrying delicious memories
In tummy and in heart.

The next day there came a knock
At every attendees’ door;
Home delivered left-overs.
We could gobble down some more.


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