United Methodist Women make plans

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Women (UMW) met August 13 to plan for their fall mission. Although they are officially the UMW, they could be called the Galvanizing Gals (GG). These ladies never stop. President Cindy Hunt sets the pace with her well planned meetings. The group made and delivered baby blankets to UTMB so that all newborn babies could be bundled up warm when they went home. Elaine Rollfing stated, “We have lots of material. There will be more blankets.” Elaine made enough to fill a large box. Now the cause has been extended to the Texas Department of Justice. Relatives and foster parents of incarcerated mothers can wrap babies in warm blankets of love for visiting times.

Sherry Morgan presented a way that these Galvanizing Gals could continue to help. “While You Wait Bags” are their next project. These will contain items that are useful to people spending time in ICU, Emergency Area or Surgery waiting rooms. A UMW Committee of Three will meet with Carol Arvie-Gooden to make a list of what items will go in these bags. The women will create an assembly line to fill them up when the list is finalized.

October 21 is United Methodist Women Sunday. Ushers, announcements, Scripture Reading, and every aspect of this service will be handled by the ladies. All men and women are invited to enjoy this unique experience.

UMW closed with a quick review of Christmas plans and set the date for their next gathering. This upbeat and inspiring group will meet on September 10 at 10:00 AM. Their enthusiasm is a motivating force for everyone at Bay Vue United Methodist Church. Thank goodness for the Galvanizing Gals of United Methodist Women!


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