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Y’all remember George Throop, right? He’s the one walking across America from Washington State to Washington DC. And he ventured down south through Bolivar back in January 2012. He is now in Georgia, slowly making his way north, inspiring many along the way to take their own meaningful steps to a healthy lifestyle. You can follow him on Facebook and through his website EnjoyTheWalk.org. But George is only one of many Americans that set out to cross America from one direction or another. Some begin their adventure as a personal challenge for themselves. Others have a very near and dear cause they are walking or hiking for.

Martin J. Bernstein, a writer, hiker and nature enthusiast, left his home in New York in February with his dogs at his side and a pack on his back, heading west on a really long hike. Nate Damm walked from Delaware to San Francisco in about 8 months back in 2011. He was on a mission to pursue his big dreams and test his strength and ability to overcome big situations. Another man set on a journey to raise awareness for Steps for MS, and another raising money for Cancer research, and the list goes on and on. More recently beginning a new walk are the Hike For Heroes couple William Mosebach and Kristen Creech. They set out from Maine on September 8th heading south back home to West Palm Beach, Florida. HikeForHeroes.org is an organization helping veterans and military families in need. And Matt Kerner is with ActiveHeroes.org, also in support of military families providing financial assistance and job placement, is hiking 4,400 miles from San Francisco to Washington DC.

All of these amazing Americans have an incredible passion for life and a cause they strongly believe in and live by. Find one or more to support or follow online. You may just be inspired yourself. Would you walk or hike across America? What would your special cause be? Where would you begin and end? Either way you look at it, it’s all in the adventure.

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