What a weekend!

By Georgia Osten
Sorry all you campers and visitors to our fair Peninsula. I know you were all looking forward to the last big weekend holiday – Labor Day Weekend! As you may know, we’ve had a pretty long dry spell. I’ve been watering the lawn frantically to try to keep it from being so crunchy. We go out at least every other day to dig up those pesky stickers that seem to cover the ground overnight. Commissioner’s Court mandated a Burn Ban on Monday, and the rains began on Wednesday. Oh well, all good intentions. With all this moisture, I doubt you could start any sort of fire out there now.

We had a real thunder boomer last night, well actually around 4 or 5 this morning. I couldn’t help but notice how the storm came from a long way off (according to the lightning and thunder), getting closer until it was right on top of us. I kept sniffing for fire, just sure we’d get struck by lightning. Then, all of a sudden, the lightning and thunder would get further apart and the storm had passed.

Do you believe this? Waking up this morning, Maezy of course had to go out. We pulled the kayaks up to about the 3rd or 4th step and urged her into the boat, and away we paddled down the street, past the slough, to the beach where we found a sort of dry spot where she could get out to “do her business.”

Do you believe this?

If you do, I have plenty more where that came from.


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2 Responses to “What a weekend!”

  1. Bob Currie says:

    With little dogs like ours, we just dangle them over the side of the deck. Scares the you-know-what out of them. Mission accomplished. (We actually hand-carry them to a high spot in the yard, but don’t think we haven’t thought about using the other method.)

  2. Linda C Elissalde says:

    Dear Georgia,

    I always believe you!


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