What do you believe and why?

Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
It is important that we as human beings know what we believe and why. It is comparable to a good sailor plotting his course and knowing how to adjust his sails to make forward progress on his journey. Knowing what we believe and why also gives us more sure footing when troubles and trials come into our lives. That is not the opportune time to decide what our life principles are. We should have major points settled in our minds and be able to stand firm on them when the waters are turbulent, rough, and dangerous.

The Bible, or Word of God has explicit instructions for Christians about this matter. We are taught to be always ready to give an answer for the hope that lieth within us.

I have been somewhat hesitant to write this series because of necessity, I must write what I believe. However, I realize that our readers have varied backgrounds and represent different faiths. Perhaps if I write what I believe, it will encourage you to search out and determine exactly what you believe and why. See someone in the church of your choice or read articles and books that outline beliefs you are interested in or that you would like to understand better.

Let me add here that I don’t believe any one denomination will have special privileges or sections on Main Street in Heaven. My son, who is a Baptist preacher, used a funny illustration yesterday about Heaven.

He said that a man died and went to Heaven. St. Peter was showing him around and as they went to each area, the man was told who was there. One section was very quiet with not a sound coming from the people. St. Peter explained these were the more refined faiths and that they were happy as they were. The next group seemed so happy. They were laughing, singing, shouting, and St. Peter explained these were the Pentecoastal folks and that they enjoyed their salvation.

The third area was coming up, and St. Peter put his fingers to his lips and instructed the new arrival to be very quiet as they passed by the door. The man mouthed, “Why?” and St. Peter said, “Oh, those are all Baptists and they don’t believe anyone is here except them.”

Now, of course we do not believe that, but it makes for a funny story. In the next few weeks I will write about some of the things I believe and I welcome your discussion.

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