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Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
Last week I asked the question, “Do we know what we believe and why?” This week I am going to start answering that question. Please realize from the beginning that I am not suggesting YOU must believe exactly what I believe, but I would be foolish to think I could write what you believe deep within your heart and soul. You, every individual, must come to terms with what God’s Word says about our lives and how we live them. Christianity is not a buffet restaurant and one doesn’t get to pick and choose what we will accept or reject.

There are certain truths that are fundamental to every faith. What are yours? If I get you thinking, talking to a pastor or teacher, having small group discussions, and thinking about what you believe, then I have done my job. At the end of this series, I am going to invite you to tell me what you believe. I will publish the best of the replies.

The first thing after salvation that I share with any new believer is that they are going to need friends that believe like them, or will help establish the beliefs that are so important. These godly friends will help provide friendship and fellowship, and will help to provide answers and accountability for a new believer. These friends ideally will be found in a local church where newly saved and those returning to the fold will find leadership and companionship.

I personally believe the local church is a family of believers and should act like a supportive family in good times and bad times. I believe a new convert needs the local church and the local church needs the new life and growth the new converts provide to the church.

A church without newly saved converts and people getting right with God is a dying church. And I believe the church, if doing its job, will have all ages of converts.

A Christian without a church family trying to make it in this old world is pretty much an orphan, left alone and needing help from a nurturing family.

Interaction: Tell me about your local church or your pastor.

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