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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This past Saturday started fairly early, 7:30 at the Crystal Beach Fire station. You see two things were going on at the station on the same day and starting at the same time. Good thing I was trained in directional, LOL. Adopt a Beach was rescheduled because of rain to this past Saturday, at 7:30 all hands were on deck. Ben & Brenda Newsum, Paul & Shannon Williams, RR & Me, Carlis Cole and Claudia Perkins. Our jobs included getting the bags and gloves ready for volunteers, and cooking hot dogs and all the goodies to go with the dogs. Carlis and Claudia manned the table for sign up and areas for cleaning. Ben had the trailer and Grill Will Travel ready to attack up to 250 dogs! In assistance were Paul and RR. So what I am saying is the ladies were banished into the bay of the fire station for assembly of said dogs and chips and drinks.

At 9am the people started coming in searching for Gardening and clean up. I was taught by the cruise company not to point with one finger. So with all four fingers on one hand and a smile on my face, I directed said people in the correct direction.

Adopt a Beach was happy to welcome two groups of young people. The Barbers Hill School brought 15 to assist us and Cub Scout group 1455 from Houston brought 20. We had many other families and friends show up for this job. Thank You to each and every person who worked our beaches.

Now for the inside fun and information – Galveston County Master Gardener, Herman Auer, presented “Urban Backyard Garden.” This seminar was very detailed from garden site to crop selection. There were handouts and several seed catalogs. In attendance were 30 avid gardeners ready to widen their brains and hands on gardening do’s and don’ts. Mr. Auer was very helpful on vegetables that will work in our beach area. One of the handouts was on vegetables – from Asparagus to Watermelons, with seeds that work in our area and when to plant. Many details in gardening were covered, from working on the ground to raised beds, along with many types of natural ways to rid your plants of bugs, and info on good pesticides to use.

Everytime there was a lull outside I would head off inside, to quietly sneak in the back door of the seminar. So glad there were handouts because I didn’t want to mix up my hot dogs with my pesticides.

What a fun day!

If you are interested in gardening on the coast you may contact:
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service Galveston County
LaMarque, Texas, 281-534-3413


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