Wine! Wine! Wine!

By Linda Elissalde
“Wine and friends are a great blend.” Ernest Hemingway

Wine and the Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPFC) were the perfect blend for a delightful Wine Tasting event. Specs supplied 8 choices of fine wines including reds, whites and rose. BPFC supplied delicious cheeses and fruit to accompany the tastings, and Vicki and Wayne Mouton provided gorgeous Villa Oasis for the party.

Joe Leija, accompanied by his lovely wife Olana, deftly described the merits of each offering. Members of BPFC carried generous samples to guests who were seated comfortably around the great room. Guitarist Claude Darby created a warm atmosphere with soft, background music.

BPCF sponsors several grand programs during the year. This one was certainly outstanding. Attendees remarked that it was the most enjoyable wine tasting they had ever attended. We hope Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation will hold another next year.

“Two things that improve with age: Wine and friends.”


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