cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Yea, finally, I was able to leave the house for something other than a Dr.’s appointment. I was so excited to finally go back to work. Now, I only work one day a week, but it was so wonderful to be out with people and the unbelievable three ladies I work with. I have this four-wheel scooter, Knee Scooter, I think they call it, and off I went!

Really, it was a struggle from the asphalt area to the front door. Who knew asphalt is so bumpy. Several times, I almost went head over heels trying to make it to cement. Then there was the up-hill ramp area, that was really hard on the left leg, but the fun was coming down the ramp after work. RR screamed at me “USE THE BREAKS!” No fun, but I did not break another bone or kill myself.

I have a table and chair to work from and a place to put my scooter. The ladies bring me things to do while we are getting ready for the embark of the ship. I love it!

I hope this darn cast will be coming off soon as Royal Caribbean will have a second ship coming in the first of March. But if not, I have my trusty scooter and cane.

Plus, Spring is coming and I have so many things I want to do in the yard. And I want to power wash stuff, and tomatoes to plant, and posies to plant and so on and so on…. Thank goodness I have lots of Big Store bags to wrap my cast in – LOL!

Hope your Mardi Gras was fun!


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