Yea for RR, except!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Thirteen months ago RR quit cigars! This is a good thing except now we need to find a way to quit the gum that replaced the cigars. Also, it is my fault that he has gained 20 lbs! Of course. So he had his 6 mo check up at the Dr’s and all was good except the weight. She suggested we go on a low carb diet. Well that is all good, except, we love pasta! All kinds of pasta! We will even eat that whole wheat stuff, if we have to. We have never seen a rice that we did not like, and then there are the baked potatoes and all the good stuff on them. But we are trying our best.

The package of Blue Bell small cups in the freezer have not even been opened, yet. We are doing lots of veggies and meat of all kinds and spinach salads and of course lots of blue cheese on his salad. I’m working on vinegar and very little oil. Ugh! But if you put enough veggies on your salad it makes a good meal. NO crackers or croutons, Boo.

So far so good for both of us. The bad part is if you lose a few pounds, one Whataburger will wipe the whole week out! On that note, we were sort of good, no fries or onion rings, again Boo.

Another good thing is he is doing all the meat and most of the veggies outside on the grill. Keeps the house cooler. And, it keeps us from having chicken fried steak, which doesn’t work well on the grill. Just meat and veggies. I am trying many new ideas for grilled vegetables and keeping the marinades low cal, sort of.

I have also badgered him into Vitamin D and we have really cut down on salt by using Tajin seasoning instead. Yes, I know salt is the second ingredient in that but we are not using both, so that is better.

This trying to get healthy at our age is so not fun, except, it really is making us feel better. Darn! Guess we will try to keep up the good work.

Someone out there have some really good rice and gravy for us, okay?

Have a great Week!


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