Yea! Spring!!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Well this is how I judge Spring. The Salt Grass Trail and all the other riders have lumbered down the Main Streets of Houston so it must be Spring. I have judged all my planting by this time. For 52 years this judgment has never been wrong, well there was the year RR and I met on the Salt Grass Trail, the next week was all ice and frozen from here to past Brenham. With that said, almost every year after is when I planted my roses and all other spring flowers.

Yea!  Spring!!This past Dickens on the Strand I finally found the stand to hold my swing. When we purchased our beach home, I went to the Galveston Home and Garden show and found the perfect swing for the second floor porch at the beach home. It was the last day of the show and the nice people were having a BOGO sale, yep I purchased a royal blue to match the trim on the house and a lime green one for the downstairs. The blue one was put up in no time but the line green never was hung downstairs. I have traveled with this green swing for eight years. Guess What? Finally, it is in my front yard. There is a possibility my face is sun burned because as soon as RR put the stand together I was in it. Oh so lovely to swing in the breeze. Yea!  Spring!!I can not image how many books I will read this summer on my days off in this perfect swing.

Momma Kitty is showing all of us how to enjoy Spring, we should all try this position. Maybe not on the patio table but somewhere quiet.

Have a great week and enjoy the sun and warm weather.


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