New PSP Baseball Field Dedicated

By Bob Currie
Friday, April 12, at 10:30 AM members of the Bolivar Peninsula community met at Gregory Park in Crystal Beach to dedicate the new Peninsula Sports Park (PSP) baseball field. Julie Diaz, Director of Parks and Cultural Services for Galveston County, and Darrell A. Apffel, Galveston County Commissioner, Precinct 1, led the

Maven’s 10th Anniversary

By Georgia Osten
Sorry if you missed Maven’s Clothing & Salon 10th Anniversary and Customer Appreciation hosted by the Bolivar Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to Cathie Ropp for putting this wonderful event together. Maven’s was hopping with friends and shoppers and well-wishers. We all enjoyed the delicious goodies prepared by Maven

Tenebrae Service

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church will hold a TENEBRAE (SERVICE OF DARKNESS) presentation in the sanctuary on APRIL 19, at 6:00 PM. This annual offering is held on Good Friday. Tenebrae relates the last moments in the earthly life of Jesus Christ. It is a somber service that prepares participants for Christ’s arising on Easter

Recreational Boating Safety – Operating Below the Radar

By Bob Currie, Vessel Examiner
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Station Galveston Flotilla.
Radar is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging. Radar uses microwave radio waves to identify the location, course, and speed of objects. The center of the radar screen represents the position of the boat. When used

Our Everyday Hero

Galveston Daily News Everyday Hero – Azure Bevington for her involvement in researching, educating, and bringing awareness concerning the Coastal Barrier.

Do you care, honestly?

Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
Hurdles are difficult to jump, and especially so, if you only stand right at five feet tall. Life presents struggles to every person I know well at some time in their life. These battles are different and the stakes may be lower or higher. Brave people try to meet the challenge the best they know how. Lazy and frightened people simply let the matters lie and do


By Georgia Osten
I’m really looking forward to this week – it’s going to be a short one! Friday is Good Friday and it’s a Holiday over at ESD. Even though this week is a “monthly meeting week,” I’ll be doubly glad to get it over with. “Meeting weeks” generally drive me crazy. Even though I’ve been there one year and 4 days, I get stressed thinking of all I need to

The Hunt Is On

The Texas Crab Festival Scavenger Hunt is just around the corner…or behind the trailer…or under the table. Enter yourself or your team to be the big $500 winner! It’s a great event for the whole family as you explore the Festival. The Scavenger Hunt starts at 2:00 pm. Follow the given clues to find all the treasures on the festival grounds. No need to pre-register, just show up near

GC Tax Office Receives Coveted Award

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) established the Performance Quality Recognition Program to recognize county tax assessor collectors that go above and beyond in complying with Texas laws, rules and procedures and that provide exceptional customer service. There are three levels of performance – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Whitney Brewster, Executive Director of

Upcoming Events

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 Wednesday, April 24
Sunset Rookery Tour

 Saturday, April 27
PSP Watermelon Crawl

 Saturday, April 27
CB VFD Crawfish Fundraiser

 Saturday, May 4
Par 3 Tournament at The Ranch

 Fri-Sat-Sun, May 10-12

Great Texas Birding Classic

The biggest, longest, wildest birdwatching tournament in the U.S.!
All levels and ages of birders are welcome to join the 23rd Annual Great Texas Birding Classic during the amazing spring migration. There’s a tournament category for everyone – from the beginning backyard birder to the competitive lister! Registration fees raise money for

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