Our AMTRAK Experience

By Melanie Wallace
Like many of you, Mack and I have been interested in taking a cross-country train trip for some time now. We’ve traveled by rail in Europe and Asia, but I haven’t been on a US train since 1968, when I turned 13 on an overnight trip from Houston to Jacksonville, Florida. (That particular trip scarred me for life when my sister

Texans do Rome

By Kelly Moad
Native Texans turned Israeli residents cross the Mediterranean Sea to Rome around. Living in Israel has been an incredible experience. We had big plans to hop a jet every few weeks to all of the nearby destinations while we lived closer to them. However, our plan for living abroad was abruptly adjusted with the onset

Recreational Boating Safety – 12 Boating Days of Christmas

Bob CurrieBy Bob Currie, Recreational Boating Safety Specialist
U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Station Galveston Flotilla
“The Twelve Gifts of Christmas” is a song parody written and sung by Allan Sherman in 1963. It is based on the classic Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and I always substituted Sherman’s gifts when singing the original classic, but under my breath,

The “Littles” Tree Farm

2021 will be the third year for A Shore Venture’s “Littles” Tree Farm in Crystal Beach, Texas. The idea was birthed in 2019 when Debbie & Kurt Ploeger wanted to do something to give back to the community. Having a heart for “littles” (under privileged children), they bought about 5-10 artificial, pre-lit, little Christmas trees and found volunteers to decorate them. With the help of the Bolivar

Bird Cam

Bird Cam

Compiled in one colorful video are over 70 species observed on the Panama Fruit Feeder Cam.

Christmas Bike Drive Underway

bike-0Each year, thanks to the support of generous sponsors and donors, bicycles are given to needy children on the Peninsula. Now in its 23rd year, the shiny new bikes continue to bring joy and happiness to many children. There have been changes throughout the years to make the drive more efficient and effective, but the generosity of donors was always constant. Thousands of dollars

Miss Bee’s Bolivar Buzz

Shannon WilliamsBy Shannon Williams
The Holidays are upon us, you may now listen to Christmas music, and decorate your homes and yards. I am a stickler about not starting Christmas till at least the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are done. I know I am a dying breed, as the stores have had Christmas stuff out since BEFORE Halloween and Hallmark started their

I am Thankful for …

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
Family – First and Foremost! 
Christmas decorating – all done 
Thanksgiving Dinner – yummy 
Leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner – Even yummier 
Mailing last packages to Israel 
Continuing Christmas Shopping 

Growing up gracious

Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
People watching is always fun to me. I can do it for hours and don’t usually mind waiting in hospitals, doctor’s offices, or airports. My entertainment comes from simply watching those around me, wondering to myself, and imagining what their lives are like, where they might be going, or what they are really feeling. I ask questions like,

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