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Thank You, Crystal Beach, Texas!

By Linda Elissalde
I have watched news and events from around the country. People are helping all over the USA, but what is happening here? I wanted to write something noble and inspiring about events in Crystal Beach during this horrendous Corona Virus Pandemic. Via cell phone and internet I discovered great things being done right here and

GLO-Marine debris education online!

You don’t need to live by the coast to learn about marine debris! Texas Adopt-A-Beach has free activities for any age, and lesson plans for grades K-8 available online. Children can learn about coastal issues through fun and challenging activities. There are six lessons, each with a specific message to help students broaden their knowledge of marine debris and coastal issues. Each lesson plan is

Class is in Session, The Bolivar Lighthouse

With the kids out of school, parents teaching class, we want to help with History Class! Listen in to Bolivar LIVE Class 101 on the Bolivar Lighthouse today. The Lighthouse was built in 1872 and towers 117 ft. above sea level. It guided mariners for 61 years and was retired in 1933 when it was replaced by the South Jetty light. The 52,000 candle-power beacon guided ships through the channel, which in earlier years

Opening Day has all new meaning…

By Gina Spagnola, President and CEO
Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce
As I sit here at my desk on what would have been ‘Opening Day’ for baseball, an exciting time that crazy baseball fans, like me, look forward to as soon as the last game is played. The day we would have been leaving the office early, way too early, because of our excitement in anticipation of

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 3-31-2020

Not many changes since my last report except there is more bait in the bay.
Fish are in transition now and the bite has been very weather dependent. The winds have more impacts on the bay conditions than anything else with gusts from the west or southwest being the worse and shutting everything down quickly, even under favorable tide

Recreational Boating Safety – Everyone Fend for Themselves

Bob CurrieBy Bob Currie, Recreational Boating Safety Specialist,
U. S. Guard Auxiliary Station Galveston Flotilla
When you hear the word “fender,” what comes to mind? You may get an image in your mind of that part of your car or truck that covers the wheels, or if you are a musician you might think about the brand name for guitars and amps. But if you are a mariner, then you should think about

These days…

Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
Early this morning, I was digesting the news releases and announcements that had come to my phone and Macbook during the hours I had slept. Because I have been in the newspaper world for many years, I have accumulated many good sources for reputable news and a few that I most often disregard. I also have a band of writers that

Week Two

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This past week, Marathon Oil in Texas City closed down their new construction and laid off hundreds of workers. They said for at least a month or longer, many of the workers lived here at the park. These families mostly were from Oklahoma and Arkansas. Saturday morning, families were starting to pick-up items outside their homes and pulling

I used to think I was patient

By Georgia Osten
Maybe I still am to some degree. But, right now, all the things I’m impatient about seem to outnumber things I’m patient about. Perhaps it’s the way the world is at this time. This is pitiful, but right now, as I look out at where my pool used to be, my blood boils a bit hotter. You see, I sold my smaller pool maybe a month ago. I was surprised it sold in

How to Catch Speckled Trout – Fishing Tips

By RiverSearch Outdoor Adventure
Speckled trout also known as spotted seatrout or specks, are a popular game fish found throughout parts of the Southern United States ranging from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean all the way down from Florida up to Maryland. Though they are called trout, they are actually a member of the drum family of fish.

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