Sold Out Show! Stellar Cast! Stupendous Audience!

Sold Out Show! Stellar Cast! Stupendous Audience!By Linda Elissalde
It may have been way off Broadway, but the sparkle certainly reached New York City. JANE LONG AND THE 2ND GOING STYLE SHOW delivered on all of its promises. Mother of Texas Jane Long (Dr. Melanie Wallace), the handsomest man in the whole wide world James Long (Doug Romero), Mirabeau B. Lamar (George Strong) and Sam Houston

The Ryderish Cup

The Ryderish CupBy Bill Agnew
The winds were not the only thing coming out of the North this past weekend at “The Ranch”. The East Texas Outlaw Golf Association came down to play the Crystal Beach Par(tee) Gang on Saturday in the Bi-Annual Ryderish Cup. Kicking off the event on Friday night was a dinner at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, which was open to all of

Upgrades at The Big Store

Upgrades at The Big StoreIn preparation for the high-traffic tourist season, The Big Store is upgrading their fuel service facilities. The fuel area canopy was recently replaced, inviting customers with its clean, new look. And now, in order to better serve their customers needing fuel, they are installing two new 20,000 gallon tanks, almost tripling their fuel capacity. The old tanks are over 30 years old. The new tanks are located away

Recreational Boating Safety – Boater’s Pre-Departure Checklist

By Bob Currie, Vessel Examiner
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 081-06-08
How many times have you loaded up your boat, launched, and headed out to your favorite spot only to realize you have forgotten your bait/fishing rod/tackle box/life jacket/drinking water, or any other important item required to make the trip successful? You need to know your vessel, plan the trip,

Vending Firewood

The Big Store has thought of it all (for now). A local once told me, if The Big Store doesn’t have it, then you don’t need it. They are like amazon right in the middle of Crystal Beach. Get your groceries, beach supplies, even tools for the home repair. And now, get your firewood for a beach campfire right from a vending machine. Yes, a vending machine that dispenses firewood. Genius. Nothing says a night

What are we carrying?

Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
“Lord, I don’t want to make my journey harder than it already is. I don’t want to drag around weighty things like bitterness, jealousy, pain, and frustration. Today, I lay those things down. Please refill my spiritual luggage with peace, joy, hope, and gentleness.”
(From Daily Wisdom for Women)

Oh what a difference a year makes …

By Georgia Osten
Or does it? For the past couple of years, it seems like Prom Night is the “happening” thing here at the beach house. And, I think there may be another one in another couple of years. This year, once again, we were asked to “move out,” while the Prom gathering takes place. Honestly, we are a little more than willing. After all, we’re offered a night at our favorite

Upcoming Events

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 Tuesday, April 24
Winnie Mobile Vet Clinic

 Wednesday, April 25

 Friday, April 27
Crenshaw 8th Grade Fundraiser Dinner

 Saturday, April 28
Stingaree Saltwater Slam Fishing Tournament

 Friday-Sunday, May 11-13
2018 Texas Crab Festival

 Thursday-Saturday, May 17-19
Unlimited Off-Road Show is hosting Jeep Resort

 Sunday, May 20
Car Wash Fundraiser

 Thursday, May 24
Mah-Jongg and Luncheon

 Saturday, August 4
Bolivar Lions Club Golf Cart Poker Run

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