GO’s Sand Bucket, by Georgia Osten

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you.

So there I was

By Georgia Osten
Another day in Pearland, Father’s Day, what a treat. We had hamburgers and hotdogs with two of the kids and 5 out of 8 of the grandkids. There’s a swimming pool, enough said! Addyson and Pierce played for at least 3 hours in the pool. PawPaw joined in the fun, he can’t help himself, the biggest kid of all. Time to head home, Grandma decided to

So, there I was

By Georgia Osten
…sitting out on the Intracoastal on a Lovely Friend’s Lovely Dock. We took our granddaughter for a little crabbing excursion. PawPaw bought chicken necks, packed up a cooler of drinks, the cooler of ice to throw all the crabs into, some beach chairs, some pre-made crab strings (how fancy), the nets – we’re ready! We remembered everything except

Bountiful Gathering

By Georgia Osten
Okay, well my story is the last one for the evening, the one my husband is waiting for so he can put the paper to bed. Look, I’ve been at work most of the day and I spent the last hour in my garden gathering today’s crop of tomatoes. No, I didn’t grow the banana, it just happened to be on this dish when I dumped the tomatoes. As any of you gardeners

Come back soon!

By Georgia Osten
We’ve come to some very significant conclusions this weekend. None too serious we can’t deal with, but very valuable lessons learned no doubt. We went out early Saturday morning to claim our spot and set up. Memorial Weekend crowds are always lined up on both sides of the beach. Nothing like last weekend, Thank You

Go Topless Weekend

By Georgia Osten
It’s not for the weak of heart, it’s certainly not something to expose our families to. I was going to say “adults only,” but in reality, I can’t even qualify them in that category. As with any crazy, reckless holiday, I’m disheartened to say the least. What on earth would we do without our law enforcement and our EMS? Provisions were made to staff more

And the Beat Goes On

By Georgia Osten
It’s our oldest Granddaughter’s birthday today, as I write this, May 15th. We have 8 grandkids now, and we’re probably through – what a ride! Emma was born in Long Beach, CA. For obvious reasons, we weren’t there at the time. She was a strapping youngster, we grow them big in our family. I remember the night she was born, we were

It’s finally here

By Georgia Osten
All the preparation, all the emails and phone calls, and it’s finally here. The 33rd Texas Crab Festival, Crystal Beach’s biggest event of the year! I’m happy to have a partner in the Beer Booth action this year. She’s had quite a few setbacks this year, but like a trooper, went out and completed her TABC and she’s onboard with me again. Thanks

“P”, What a Fun Boy

By Georgia Osten
We got to pick up Pierce for the weekend, time to spend with Nana & PawPaw. PawPaw crossed the ferry to meet Daddy and “P” early Friday morning. We call him “P” because it’s short for Pierce. Nana was at work and P and PP had plenty to do, like drive the trailer somewhere, but first Dannay’s because P hadn’t had breakfast, then take Maezy to

Never A Dull Moment

By Georgia Osten
They say change is good, I sure hope so. I’m also a believer in fate. So, when I found out about a job opening, and it seemed like the timing was appropriate, I jumped up and applied for the position. My interview was on a Friday morning. I supposed I wouldn’t hear anything until possibly the next week, so I sat back and told myself to not

Oh what a difference a year makes …

By Georgia Osten
Or does it? For the past couple of years, it seems like Prom Night is the “happening” thing here at the beach house. And, I think there may be another one in another couple of years. This year, once again, we were asked to “move out,” while the Prom gathering takes place. Honestly, we are a little more than willing. After all, we’re offered a night at our favorite

Ah Mother Nature

By Georgia Osten
This time of year, the Starlight Jasmine literally takes over the house. It doesn’t matter that I’ve planted it everywhere! There’s a huge growth of it at a piling at the front of the house, not to mention the light pole out front that looks like a Christmas tree. Last summer, I planted a bush at each of the pilings at the front of the house. Oh yes, there’s

Civic Duty

By Georgia Osten
I’ve been scheduled for months for jury duty in Galveston County. I remember one other time in my life I was called, it was in Harris County. I had to go downtown, which is intimidating enough, and I was scared to death. I didn’t get chosen. I had no idea I would be chosen this time either. There must have been over a hundred of us

Our Girl, Maezy!

By Georgia Osten
All her instincts come alive. I swear she must wear a watch. She can tell when it’s time to go to the beach each evening. Morning is a no-brainer, as soon as it’s daylight, she’s ready to go. All you have to say is “Let’s go.” She’ll head straight for the garage where we keep the golf cart. During Spring Break, we couldn’t take her down to the beach in the evenings

Spring Break

By Georgia Osten
Normally, a subject I won’t talk about, much less take part in. I love our little piece of paradise and I never take it for granted. Believe me, I cherish the quiet Sunday evenings. It’s been a habit of ours, even before we lived here permanently, to long for Sunday evenings. We would sit on our deck and watch the traffic dwindle. We would pack up first thing

Birthday month

March - Birthday monthBy Georgia Osten
Thank goodness, every Christmas, my children get together with all the photos from the year to present me with my calendar, the one that stays on the fridge. I really look forward to receiving my calendar. Not the obvious, which are all the pictures, but the reminder of birthdays each month. For instance, this month, March, there are

Spring is in the air

By Georgia Osten
Feeling a touch of Spring in the air, seeing it on the trees and in the grass. A few days this past weekend have been enjoyable enough to be out in short sleeves. I’ve found plenty to do outdoors. Washed the dog, worked on the bugs on the front of the car, the ones the car wash didn’t budge. I even got my plants planted, some in the veggie

A New Leaf

By Georgia Osten
Okay, I’ve turned over a new leaf. Sorry, it’s not really a “new leaf,” I believe I’ve turned this one over several times. It’s okay, it’s a good thing I keep coming back to these leaves. After a much needed trip to see the doctor, it’s a new one, I’m back on track again. I don’t know how he got to me so easily, but I’ve scheduled all sorts of tests and

Alright Already!

GO's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
It happens every year about this time, the freezes are over (hopefully), our gardens look deplorable, and it’s time to get out there and plow everything under. I’ve begun, my muscles can prove it. I’ve actually diminished my garden space – again. I cut the vegetable garden in half a year ago. Sorry, my husband cut it in half – thank you Dear. Needless to

Happy Mardi Gras

GO's Sand Bucket-Happy Mardi GrasBy Georgia Osten
Another year, I’ve lost count. I vaguely remember one year, we sat on the side of the road, it was just as cold and just as miserable as it was Saturday, but we had a grand time then, and we had a grand time Saturday. For the past 5 or 6 years, we’ve been driving two golf carts. We always have the Crab Fest cart, the one being raffled on


GO's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
Hustled, Yep, I think that about sums it up. And she did it with such finesse, I didn’t see it coming, and I didn’t realize I’d been hustled until I got home. We spent a quiet dinner with some friends at Ocean Grille the other night, having our favorite – Fish Tacos! The conversation went round and round, finally stopping on the subject of

Old Friends

By Georgia Osten
I know we’re over 4 months away from the Crab Festival, but I always get excited when all my past Crab Vendors begin contacting me wanting to come back. It’s like family I haven’t seen for a year or so. I guess this is probably going to be my 4th or 5th year, I can’t remember. I begin preparing before the end of the year, concentrating on the food vendors,

Okay, did I learn my lesson?

GO's Sand Bucket 012318By Georgia Osten
You better Hong Kong Believe it Sweetheart!
Every time I cruise down I-45 toward town or coming back from town, I will think about the 305 minutes I will never get back. I just spent the better part of yesterday, first thing this morning and this afternoon upon returning from work on my Defensive Driving Safety Exam. Yep, 305 minutes out

Rally Round

Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
Any crisis, any family milestone, MY family really steps up to the plate. Thank God we don’t have too many, but when we do, we sure know we can depend on one another. Our youngest recently flew into town from North Carolina and was picked up by our daughter-in-law. After visiting with the Littles, she was joined by our oldest daughter, and on they

Tis the (Other) Season

Family Hunt - GrantBy Georgia Osten
My husband came down with “the crud” on the day we returned from our Christmas trip to North Carolina. It took me a whole week later to get it, he was recovering by then. The guys’ annual hunting trip took place last weekend along with my Girls’ Weekend. Seventeen guys took off to the Bandera area, we couldn’t wait to see the pics of who got the

Christmases Past

Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
There’s not a Christmas that goes by that I don’t remember that Christmas of 2001. The family was stationed in San Antonio, so that was our destination, Santa’s sleigh was weighed down with goodies. The kids were very young, only one of our children was married. We had two grandchildren by then. Our son-in-law was deployed,

Our Annual Christmas Journey

GO's Sand Bucket-Our Annual Christmas JourneyBy Georgia Osten
Yes, that’s what it’s turned into. For the last three years, we’ve left home for Christmas to spend the holiday with some of the younger generation. It was California in 2015 and North Carolina in 2016 & 2017. The trips to NC have been by car. We turn it into a 2-day trip, drive 12-13 hours the first day, stay in a La Quinta Dog Friendly Hotel, and the next

Gifts of time and love

Sand Bucket by Georgia OstenBy Georgia Osten
Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas.
Did you ever wonder what’s the difference between baking powder and baking soda? I recently questioned this when I realized I had made 3 loaves of Christmas bread to give as gifts and I had forgotten to add one

The Big Chase

Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
There we were, me and Maezy, Day 1 of our 4-day weekend, just the two of us. Ah, we were looking forward to whatever would come our way. It was a beautiful day, mellow temps, so I had the front door open like I usually do. One of the back windows was open to get a nice cross draft going. I, sitting at my computer, Maezy sleeping under my chair, when all

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