Bumpity Bump

By Georgia Osten
We don’t venture down to the beach on the weekend, especially in the afternoon on Friday. The crowds begin showing up around noon on Fridays and the only peaceful times are early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe later on Sunday when the crowds begin leaving to make it home for school or work the next day. That’s when we manage to let Maezy have her beach back again.

We took her on Monday when I got home from work, but the donuts are plentiful, and we drive very carefully so we don’t bounce ourselves out of the seat. The beach is very soft and torn up from all the weekend traffic. Hopefully, we’ll get a little rainstorm to smooth things out for the rest of the week. A little rain would probably help the soft sand situation.

The weekend flew by as they all do. We drove up to League City on Saturday, grabbed our daughter and son-in-law and rushed to the League City Sports Complex for the twins’ soccer game. Temps in the mid-80’s felt like summertime. The soccer players felt it too. After about 30 minutes of running back and forth, they began to slow down and take more water breaks.

After the soccer game, we drove over to Friendswood for Pierce’s baseball game. Boy oh Boy how he’s improved! Base hits every time he was at bat. It’s obvious how he loves to play baseball.

After we dropped the kids off, My Uber Driver took me over to Joe’s Country Store in Texas City. Joe’s is the ultimate country store with every kind of horse, cow, dog cure/food you can imagine. Rumor had it Joe’s had an abundance of Plumerias. So, that became our main purpose for going there. Always a treat!

We made it home to go to mass right down the street from our house. No, the church didn’t crumble when we entered. Surprising since we haven’t been to that church in probably a year. We usually go over to The Island then find a quaint place for breakfast. With Monday being “Tax Day,” my Tax Guy (not to be mistaken for my Uber Driver) found it necessary to stay home to get our taxes done.

It’s all good, I went over to the mainland to do some much-needed shopping.

It’s almost crunch time for this family, 2024 Texas Crab Festival. We’re going to rest up for the festivities. Three days of non-stop fun after 9 months of preparation and planning.

Hope we see y’all out there!

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