Firecracker Shootout Ignites Enthusiasm

Under the hot, sunny skies of Crystal Beach, eleven 2-man teams gathered for the Firecracker Shootout Golf Tournament at The Ranch. The new tournament format brought fresh excitement to the players as they teed off on Saturday morning. Playing a scramble for the first nine holes, the competition was tough, and each team’s strategy was tested against the course. After the initial round, handicaps were assigned based on the teams’ scores, adding an element of fairness and suspense to the tournament. The golfers took a well-deserved break, grabbing a bite to eat and discussing their morning performance. Re-energized, they headed back to the course for the back nine, ready to tackle the remaining holes.

The final scores, adjusted for the newly assigned handicaps, created an exciting finish as teams vied for the top spots. The tournament concluded with winners awarded cash prizes, celebrating their skill and determination. Additional payouts were given for closest to the hole on the par 3s, recognizing precision and accuracy.

Feedback from the players highlighted the success of the new format. They cited the added challenge and fairness the handicaps brought to the competition. The Firecracker Shootout Golf Tournament at The Ranch proved to be a hit, leaving participants and organizers alike excited for future events.


First Place Team, Morgan Walker and Justin Dubose

Second Place Team, Rex Ready Jr. and Sr.

Third Place Team, Ryan Tedford and Cody Nichols

Closest to the Hole #3, Todd Shoemaker | Closest to the Hole #8, Monte Morphew



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