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From Tattered to Treasured

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
I’m Tattered, Torn, and worn, ready to be retired.
Now I am a treasure given to you by a grateful nation,
who honors you for your service and sacrifice.
Because of YOU
I was able to fly over the land of the FREE.
Thank You for Your Service.


by Ed Snyder

Just a nibble at first alerted the lady angler to grab her rod to catch what she thought would be but a small fish. Seconds later she was straining and hanging on for dear life screaming for her husband. Quickly racing over to help he grabbed her around the waist, yelling, “HANG ON HONEY!!”

Barefoot Living, by B.

So I was standing on the porch watching as the neighbors build their office building and saw a couple of discarded pallets. Hmm, how can I recycle these?

Okay, I am just the idea person…

Barefoot Living, by B.

Last week I showed you boat houses on land; this week it’s more creative uses for old boats.


Barefoot Living, by B.

Hi everybody, most of you who know me know that I don’t need a lot of sleep. After a long day at work, I will spend time on craigs list, ebay, antique stores, estate sales, flea markets, consignment shops, art fairs and the internet looking for truly one of a kind items to sell in my shop.

I am often surprisingly inspired the most when

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