Spring Break

By Georgia Osten
Yep, I think it’s already started. I know we have a couple, kind of overlapping. The first one is a bit more mild, prepping us for the Real Thing. It’s okay, Bring It! After years and years of living here at the beach, and after a “Jeep Weekend,” we can sure handle a little Spring Break action. Let’s face it, Spring Break still involves parents (at times). So, unless these parents are still trying to relive their own Spring Breaks, we may stand a chance at civility. Buck Up!

As it goes, next weekend’s soccer games and baseball games for our Grands will be no-go’s because Spring Break is happening. I’ll miss going to cheer them on. It’s fun to actually learn the names of the other players. Last weekend, we encountered “Riv,” short for River. Andrew played goalie before our little Fisher guy. They’re both great all-round players, and fun to watch.

Tonight, we were asked to come over to sign a greeting, sort of “Welcome Back” note/picture. We are so happy to see the return of some really great friends. Priceless friends to say the least!

From the signing, we ventured over to deliver – “oh, can you give me a ride?” – another friend to what looked like a regular afternoon get together over in Crystal Canal. Well, wouldn’t you know, there they were, all gathered out on the “porch” drinking (of all things) coffee. What a gathering! Probably 11 people, at least 4 different conversations going on at once. Obviously, these folks hang out together all the time, but with us joining the mix, no big deal! Not a break in conversation. Some great subjects erupted, making each one of us chime in from time to time with our own anecdotes.

Friends! Those you feel comfortable with. It’s uncanny how you can go weeks, maybe months without seeing these folks, but come together unprompted and fall right back into familiarity and joyful bliss.

This is the definition of friendship. It’s fulfilling and everlasting – Thank goodness!

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