Refrigerator Epidemic

By Georgia Osten
I’m spoiled, that’s all there is to it! That’s the problem! Why does anybody need 4 refrigerators anyway? Our son gave us his old fridge several years ago. Maybe it was when we decided to move to the beach. He said this would be great down in the garage, just put drinks in it. Well, it has been over 10 years now. We think that fridge was probably near 20 years old. We started having trouble with it after the winter, we think it froze. We kept having to empty it, turn it off and let it thaw out. This last time, we said “okay, let’s get a new one, just a refrigerator, no freezer.” After some due diligence, we decided it was cheaper to get another refrigerator/freezer. Lowe’s delivered it this morning and took the old thing away.

More recently, our daughter gave us her old French door monstrosity when she decided to get a new one. It was a struggle, but we finally got it upstairs and into the laundry room. Same thing, after a while, the freezer went warm, and we moved everything into the refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen. We let it thaw and it worked fine for a few more weeks, then it said adios!

We replaced it with another French door variety, somewhat skinnier version. Lowe’s had no problem getting the skinny one in, but we sure got our money’s worth by paying them to take the monstrosity with them. All in all, now we have two newish ones and two oldish ones. Surely, the epidemic has passed?? We’ll see.

You know, that’s the thing about appliances though. We bought all new of course when we had the house built, but that’s been quite awhile ago. I expect, one of these days, they’ll all be ready for the stainless-steel graveyard.

We had a bit of an adventure this past weekend. We went berry picking. It’s been at least 40 years since I’ve done that. My neighbor, Mary, and I would go out somewhere in Sugar Land, we’d take our buckets and sticks. The sticks were to chase the snakes away. Funny, I didn’t use to be that afraid of a snake encounter. I’m definitely more aware these days. I kept looking for alligators too, ever since Daina posted a picture of the alligator leaving her yard to cross 87. We came home with enough berries for two cobblers.

We had friends coming over for dinner, so we were both diligently going at it preparing the chicken, cheesy potatoes & a salad. When the oven was ready, we placed the cobblers in for the hour timeframe. After an hour, when we grabbed the pans to pull them out, they were Blackberry Soup! Re-reading the instructions, sure nuff, I’d goofed on the flour content. Instead of ¾’s cup, I had only put in ¼. Oh Dear.

As fate would have it, our friends brought dessert. I really had a hankering for some cobbler, but Kim’s graham cracker, chocolate pudding/cool whip concoction was a lovely treat. They saved the evening.

Skedadle reptiles, I’m coming back in another couple of days for some more berries.

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  1. Nanette Gans says:

    We had a refrigerator that wasn’t that old but did the same thing. Freezer worked but top didn’t cool. Tried a few things but ended up ordering a new one. Our daughter said she would take the old one for her garage. So, we put ours in our garage to make room for the new one. It defrosted and we brought to her. She has had it for 15 years and never a problem. Talked to a lady at store and she said be careful putting things in fridge. DON’T BLOCK the air flow vent. So we’ve been very careful not to from then on. (also I keep an eye on the freezer air vent too)

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