Sweets for the Sweets

By Georgia Osten
Well, as someone very close to me would say, “you indulge them, you enable them,” and I guess I do. They’re my extended family, my other kids you might say. This time of year, all the stores are stocked with Halloween candy and it’s difficult to resist. The prices are great, and the selection is bountiful! And, the bottom drawer of my file cabinet is struggling a bit under all the weight. That’s okay, we’re stocked up and everyone enjoys stopping by to grab a handful.

This way, they feel welcome to visit and I welcome the breaks in my busy chores to chat and get to know each of them. With their hectic schedules and demanding responsibilities, it’s good to take a little break for sweets every now and then.

This morning, I actually needed help to get everything from my car to the inside of my office. That usually happens after a weekend where I’ve spent my Saturday shopping. Not only have I filled the pantry at home, but I’ve shopped for stuff for work like oatmeal for breakfast and soup for lunch, everything it takes to get me through my day, including Gatorade.

The candy is lagniappe and my kids love it! This morning, George stopped by to say good morning, so I offered him a Werther’s Caramel. We share a slight addiction to those caramels. Ruthann loves the Almond Joys; Heather is allergic to almonds. Doug doesn’t like Twix, Chris loves Snickers, and my Fed Ex guy, Jordan, loves Payday. Don’t tell anyone, but I save the Paydays especially for Jordan. Also, don’t tell anyone, but I have a bowl of candy in my fridge downstairs at home for Jordan.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood (home or work), feel free to stop by for a snack and a visit.

[GO: Oct-10-2023]

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