Hippity Hop

By Georgia Osten
From my beach house deck, it seemed like a pretty quiet Easter. We did venture out on the beach on Sunday, the crowds were plentiful, but mostly families hanging around down here at barrel 89. On the other hand, according to my EMS buddies, not so quiet. We were going to go to 11am mass on Easter Sunday over here at our church. A rare occurrence to have mass on a Sunday over here, so we thought “why not?”

Then, we got an invitation to meet family over in Galveston for lunch. Perfect! We made it to Galveston for 10:00 mass at St. Patrick’s. What a grand and lovely church. Very similar to Sacred Heart where we’ve been going the past year. A bit bigger and a lot more crowded being a C&E Sunday. The acoustics are better at St. Patrick’s, easier to hear Father Steven when he says something funny. HaHa

After church, we hurried over to Katie’s on Harborside to meet our daughter, Leigh, and our son-in-law, Paul for lunch. They were already seated at a lovely table outside. What a beautiful day to sit outside! Everyone and their dog were out on the patio at Katie’s. Literally, everyone and their dog! I’m always taken aback at the number of people who bring their dogs with them places. I counted 5 dogs out on the patio with the diners. Do they think their dogs really enjoy being there?

We recently went to Nauti’s over here on the peninsula and a few tables away from us sat two guys and their part Mastiff, Rhodesian Ridgeback and some other mix. I figured it was a way to attract women. Maybe it was because I think my daughter went over to ask what kind of dog they had. This dog, I forget his name, was having a good time. He watched every move his master made and received a French fry and some other goodies as they sat there. I’m sure he was happy to be invited.

Hey, I’ve included some pics of my Easter Lilies. They’re not blooming yet, maybe Easter is a bit early or they’re just a bit late. My daughter-in-law gave me an Easter Lily plant about 7 years ago. I planted it and even though they freeze in the winter, they multiply and keep coming back. I’ll post a picture of them in full bloom in a couple of weeks.

Hoping every Bunny had a wonderful Easter.

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