When a Turkey is a Good Thing

By Elinor Tinsley
Did you know three strikes in a row in bowling is called a Turkey? Well, when a group from the Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation went on our outing last week to the Galveston Primetime Bowling Alley on the Seawall, several of our players knew the term, but sadly, none of our 16 participants were able to accomplish this feat and only a couple of us bowled a double (two strikes in a row) much less making one strike. We only had one player of any consequence, but we didn’t go there to compete, we just went to check out the “culture” of the bowling alley and have fun with friends, and that’s exactly what we accomplished. We talked to and yelled at our bowling balls, we cheered for each other, did a little laughing at each other and ourselves and just enjoyed the fellowship we were able to experience in this great location.

The bowling alley is beautiful with 14, state of the art, fully automated lanes. No cheating in scoring here, because the lane’s computers do it all for you. We didn’t even have to enter our names because the helpful employees did it for us. If you needed rails up for bowling “assistance”, you just told the front desk and they keyed it in for you. Your turn comes up to bowl, up pop the rails, you turn is finished, down they go. Gotta just love modern technology! Special touches like draft and bottled beer with chilled beer glasses and real glasses for your wine were nice also. You have the choice of all the movie theater food plus special items from Mario’s Pizza available too. We had a great time and encourage you to get a group of friends to go enjoy some good fun and get a little exercise in too!

[ET: Apr-2-2024]

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  1. Linda C E says:

    What a delightful article, and what a grand event for BPCF! Please do it again so that those of us us who missed it can join in the fun. We will probably be watching this bunch on a media presentation soon. Thank you.

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