Lovely Weather

By Georgia Osten
Well, as usual, Spring Break has come and gone, and it was some of the worst weather in Spring Break history. Very typical, if you ask me. On Saturday, I had this unusual desire to grill something, no, I’m not a griller. We had these shrimp already thawed, and I thought “wouldn’t shrimp on the barbie be nice.” You know, kabobs with onion and green pepper on skewers. So, I looked in the garage, no charcoal, but I did find charcoal starter. I checked out the green peppers in the fridge, slimy. Oh dear, looked like a trip to The Big Store was inevitable. Took the car because it was too cold for the golf cart – Big Mistake! Circled and circled awhile before I found a space to park. Crowded, YES! Wandering around the store, I spotted another Local, we each looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Why on earth were we out at The Big Store during Spring Break. I asked what brought her out – Strawberries. She had already been to HEB in Beaumont, crazy they didn’t have strawberries? Oh well, sometimes you must “battle the elements.”

Sunday, for the first time in weeks, I offered to take Maezy for her evening stroll on the beach. I was surprised by how empty the beach was. Need I say “pleasantly surprised?” The only remnants were the rutted donut circles that haven’t washed off yet. Yep, it makes for a bumpy ride in a golf cart.

A couple of thunder storms this weekend left us no choice but to give Maezy her calm down pills. Poor thing, she can stand a whole night of fireworks, but a lightning storm with thunder, then the rain pattering on the roof, drives her crazy. The panting and pacing begin and you would think she’s gonna have a heart attack. We decided to ask Dr. Matak for a solution after our trip back from Florida a few months ago. The girl panted for 14 hours straight, the whole drive home.

It takes maybe an hour for the pill to take place, but then ahhhhhhhhh, rest and relaxation. She’ll sleep for 12 hours straight if you let her. We don’t, but to wake her to go out to go potty, she looks at you in a haze and when you get her outside, she just kind of stands there wondering why the heck we’re out there.

Hopefully, we’re in for some good weather. Went to Tom’s Thumb on Sunday and found such a great variety – sweet potato vines, periwinkles and another hibiscus. Between getting Jorge out to clean up my gardens and what I’ve managed to get planted, I’m about done for now, or at least caught up. Next, I’ll try to find some really deep troughs so I can get some vegetables going.

Don’t worry, as soon as the sweet potato vines get going and I can’t see what’s crawling around out there, I’ll be finished, and I’ll shut up about gardening.

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