Ding Ding Ding – Which Oven is it?

By Georgia Osten
I’m a sucker for recipes, I collect them all the time. Recently, I went through my recipe notebook and weeded out old recipes, mostly ones I’ve never cooked, and some I don’t cook anymore. I probably decreased the size of that notebook by a half. I get an email from Pinterest daily. I’m intrigued by recipes and haircuts. Pinterest must know, because they bombard me constantly with ideas. I especially like Jan Kent’s recipes she posts out on Facebook.

I decided the other day to spend my Sunday cooking stuff I can freeze and simply heat up for dinner. I went into Galveston on Saturday to shop, picked up a pot roast so I could make stew. The Big Store had a double pack of chili meat, so I figured that would be another really good “heat up” for some night.

Then, I had this recipe I got off of Pinterest for an apple Bundt cake. Well, the icing called for heavy whipping cream, and would you believe, The Big Store didn’t have any heavy whipping cream. Go figure!?!

Anyway, Sunday, I baked the Bundt cake too. I’m so slow at cooking, but I have a really great time. I turned on HGTV, Home Town, with Ben and Erin, and took my sweet time concocting a few things for the freezer and this marvelous cake! Sometimes, I have to sit down to see the results from their makeovers. Yesterday, Ben and Erin decided to do a whole town makeover in Wetumpka, Alabama. I guess it’s not too far from Laurel, Mississippi because they would go back and forth from town to town. One of the most amazing makeovers was when they “dove” into The Big Fish house in Wetumpka. The house was merely a stage prop for The Big Fish! It’s simply amazing the transformation. If you get a minute, enjoy See Inside The Big Fish House – Beth Bryan.

I found a recipe on Pinterest for a cabbage, sausage, leek soup. I have all the ingredients, maybe when I’m through writing this, I’ll go pour some wine and spend the rest of the evening in the kitchen. Not sure my husband will like it. Oh well, this way, we have plenty of other choices if he doesn’t.

I wouldn’t have had to leave the house yesterday, but I was out of Crisco to grease the Bundt cake pan, so off to The Big Store we went. Like I told you, I’m really slow when it comes to cooking, my own fault, I take my time and I may get side-tracked too easily.

For instance, wasting time, or I call it But-First Moments, I just googled The Big Fish, so I had to read all about it and relive the makeover Ben & Erin did. By the way, if you go to the link I posted, I really don’t like the lime green they used in the kitchen. It reminds me of the time we painted our kitchen in Old Sugar Land lime green. Ah, those were the days.

Also, did you know the “B” on the word Bundt is capitalized? What in the world did we do before google? Hmm, I guess the “g” isn’t capitalized, I couldn’t figure it out even when I went to google it? Too confusing …

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