Bring your Pennies!

By Georgia Osten
It’s been a long time, but one of the Gals decided to throw a much-needed Mexican Train extravaganza. A Friday evening gathering, but ironically everyone was ready and willing. Like I said, it’s been a long time, so we were excited. I went to work on a spreadsheet knowing there were going to be 6 of us. Vicky told me everything was covered, so the only request from me was small paper plates. Then, when I heard Cheryl couldn’t come, I decided I’d better step up to the plate with some more goodies. My choice, veggies, and some Ranch Dip, cheese & crackers – Big Store Finds!

I packed a big enough bag to carry everything, including my wine, for the trek over to Vicky’s. She had the lift down when I got there, so I was able to put that heavy bag in for the trip up. When I huffed and puffed up her stairs, I began unpacking my bag. I then realized I’d forgotten my Score Sheet Masterpiece. Off I went, leaving Vicky to unpack the stuff I brought. I jumped in my brand-new golf cart to head back home to grab the Masterpiece.

Marsha, Sherry, Linda, Vicky & me, we missed you, Cheryl! We began the celebration with a bottle of champagne as we grazed, gossiped and caught up. Then, off to rattling those bones! Our scores were basically in-line except for the “newbie” to the group (Mexican Train, that is). She definitely didn’t have beginner’s luck.

I always claim the owner of the house will be the winner, but this time, it was Marsha, Sherry was next and Oh My Goodness, I forgot my money. What’s the matter with me? It was practically my idea to play for money. That’s okay, my Sista bailed me out. Now, I must catch up with Sherry to pay her $3 to help replenish her Mahjong stash.

Good friends, good times, what a breath of fresh air! Feeling blessed.

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